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What Can I Expect From Iridology?

Iridology is the practice of studying the iris, which is the coloured part of the eye. It is used to determine information about a person's health, even before the symptoms arise. It is therefore a non invasive and powerful tool to identify existing and potential health concerns. By being pro-active, the person can be notified of potential health concerns and take appropriate action to rectify these before the symptoms arise or get worse. This is very important as the sooner we take action, the more chance we have of preventing or reversing illnesses. Living a healthy life for as long as possible will ensure the quality of life we enjoy and also that of our loved ones who will not have to take care of...

What Is Nutrition?

What Is Nutrition?   Nutrition is the process of providing and obtaining the nutrients necessary for optimum wellness and continued growth.   It is the biochemical and physiological process by which an organism uses food nutrients to support its growth and life functions. It includes ingestion, digestion, absorption, transport, assimilation and excretion of waste.   It is about eating a healthy and balanced meal each time you sit down to eat. Understanding this entire process will help you make better food choices and combinations each time.   Nutrition is the process of taking food and drinks and using it for growth ,metabolism and repair..   There are seven major classes of nutrients that our body needs :-  1.CARBOHYDRATES 2.FATS (ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS) 3.FIBRE (SOLUBLE & INSOLUBLE) 4.PROTEIN 5.MINERALS (MACRO & MICRO ) 6.VITAMINS (MACRO & MICRO) 7.WATER & OTHER LIQUIDS LIKE...