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Psoriasis vs Eczema

Do you know the difference between Psoriasis and Eczema?   These are two common skin conditions that affect millions of people around the world.   There is a very interesting difference because Eczema appears mainly between in the cracks of the elbows or the back of your legs or maybe on your face. That is, it's fairly mild so it doesn't show as easily as full blown Psoriasis. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that causes dry, itchy and thick patches of skin. Eczema is a chronic skin condition that causes red, itchy and dry rashes on the skin.   Eczema makes your skin red and inflamed. It may be scaly or crusty and can also cause swelling. Psoriasis can also cause red patches, may be silvery and scaly. The skin is...

Sel De Guerande Salt for Psoriasis

Have you heard of Sel De Guerande Salt? Read this article to learn more.     If you're suffering from Psoriasis, or for that matter, any serious skin problems like eczema, or acne or some skin rashes, there's a very strong chance that you are very acidic inside your body. That's what the 75 trillion cells indicate with Psoriasis and that type of skin disease.   https://youtu.be/uHFTJP6G_Y4   So, you need to rebalance your acid alkaline balance inside your body. Now, the human body is designed to be 80%, alkaline, and 20% acidic. Now, one of the things you need to do is understand that when you go to the supermarket and you buy the table type salt, that is man made, understand that it is chemically made and is basically just...

How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Psoriasis

If you're suffering from Psoriasis, or acne, or eczema or any serious or minor skin disease, you need this particular bottle.   https://youtu.be/mGkwqatQVJk   Now be very, very aware of this. I see chefs, cooks on TV, cooking with red wine vinegar, white one vinegar, spirit vinegar. Unfortunately, when you take those vinegars, even though you see those chefs cooking with it, they are actually very bad for you because they create more acidity in your tissues.   You have got 75 trillion cells in your body and when you’ve got Psoriasis or that sort of skin problem like eczema, advanced eczema, it is guaranteed your cells are inflamed and acidic. So you don't want to add any more acidity in your body, especially like red meat or these types of...

Vegetable Juice For Psoriasis

How To Heal Psoriasis With Vegetables

In this video on how to heal your Psoriasis, we're going to cover another subject that's important as one of the tools to create the environment where your Psoriasis is going to heal much faster than using a normal type of food operation.   https://youtu.be/EIN0oGzaC0k   Now, over the years, we’ve worked for about 23 years, we've used many, many approaches, including Herbs, and so on and one of the best combinations, which people don't understand, but I'm gonna give you an exact proportion, exactly what you need to do.     You need to get yourself either a Magimix blender which is a complete blender, a Champion blender, or a NutriBullet. These are very, very good blenders that can blend your vegetables or fruits and so on so then you can...

How To Heal Psoriasis With Your Mindset

In this video, you're going to learn how to take steps to create the environment where you can start to heal your Psoriasis, no matter how long you've been suffering from it.   https://youtu.be/0NSgcNT0yOk   To give you confidence, we have been in Wellness Practice for a long, long time, over 40 plus years. And so far we've helped Psoriasis patients in 23 countries, ranging from Africa to Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Ireland, USA, and so on and so on.   You'd be amazed how Psoriasis is so prevalent amongst so many people. Somebody will know someone who had psoriasis. And some of it, of course, will be quite severe.   We did a case in the UK two and a half years ago. The lady had been suffering from Psoriasis, very severe...