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How We Can Help You Using Iridology

What is Iridology ?

Iridology is the science of taking a very vivid and clear picture of the irises, which are the coloured part of the eyes. We also use the photography of the whites of the eyes called Sclera. The science of taking pictures of the Sclera and analysing is called Sclerology.


Iridology can reveal the inherent strengths and weaknesses of organs ,glands and tissues.Inherently weak organs do not utilise nutrients as well as they should nor do they have the ability to discharge toxicity.

Iridology can show the potential ability of an organ to react to illness.

WHITE RAISED SIGNS can show a potential for irritability and /or possible inflammation.

DARK GRAY OR BLACK AREAS can indicate little or no ability to react.

Iridology can show familial patterns of various syndromes or pathologies such as gastrointestinal disorders,hypoglycemia,blood anomalies or heart problems.

Iridology can show through the colour of the iris and genetic patterns certain foods that a person could have difficulties digesting or utilising .

Iridology can show from the pupil border areas of the spine that may have subluxation (like vertebral misalignment ).

Iridology can show potential central and autonomic nervous system imbalance and circulatory disturbances.

Iridology can indicate potential connective tissue weakness and a tendency for varicose veins ,hiatal hernias .hemorrhoids or scoliosis .

Iridology can indicate potential for glandular deficiencies .

Iridology can indicate there is potential for high uric acid levels,serum cholesterol levels and lymphatic congestion more prevalent with people with BLUE eyes.

How applied Iridology can help ?

You may have heard of the saying, “The eyes are the window to the Soul”. It has been scientifically proven that the body sends 28,000 signals to the eyes every 24 hours. For example, if you have problems with your knee,liver or pancreas, those signals will manifest by specific signs and colours in the iris structure.

This analysis is so accurate, when analysed properly, that the Practitioner can work out the levels of disease, those being Acute Stage, Sub-Acute Stage, Chronic Stage and Degenerative Stage of Disease.

The iris has a reservoir of genetic markings coming from the patient’s ancestry and those genetic markings are of great assistance in determining genetic weak spots and thus provide accurately, a much faster approach to recovery.

Therefore the Practitioner can recommend a very high level of natural solutions to solve the problems of the Patient and assist naturally in much faster recovery to vibrant health.

How to book your session

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All of our practitioners are qualified and accredited with reputable professional associations.

How can Iridology help ?

Medical protocols in today’s stressed and time limited medical  environment usually last only about 10 minutes. The human body has 11 Body Systems which are all designed to work with synergy and integrity and requires at least 1 hour to obtain a more honest and accurate analysis.

This approach of taking adequate time per patient is a huge advantage in helping that patient recover much faster than a short medical consultation.

How can we help you ?

We have designed our unique 4 step system carried out during our in-depth consultation to:

Identify the root cause of your symptoms

Recommend solutions and help you to

Implement changes to achieve the desired results. We then give you ongoing

Support required to maintain improved Wellness for many years.

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    Is the taking of Iridology Photographs harmful to the eyes?

    The special photographic equipment used has been designed by Opticians,  Optometrists and very specialised Camera Builders with the most appropriate lenses and modern fibre optics to provide the highest degree of safety in taking photographs of the eyes.

    What does the Iridology consultation consist of?

    For a start, we ask you to list down FULL details of at least 3 whole days of your food and drinks intake and any medication and/or supplementation. We will review the information and recommend changes accordingly.


    We will also review any current medical reports and history of illnesses.


    We then take photos of each eye, looking straight ahead, looking up, looking down, looking right and looking left.  This is a very unique approach by our Wellness Practice as most other Iridology Practitioners only take one photo looking straight ahead.


    We transfer the photos from the Iridology camera onto a modern laptop and analyse on the spot. Using the vivid pictures on the computer screen, we will then explain our findings and highlight at least 3 major areas plus to focus on.


    We will give you a copy of your eye photos and our recommendations of suitable foods ,supplements and specific beneficial exercises  to remedy your conditions. We will also provide other Wellness related information and selected proven and tested recipes.

    How often should the Patient undergo an Iridology Consultation?

    Depending on the severity of the symptoms affecting the Patient and also the different stages of disease of key organs, we highly recommend a check up every 3 to 6 months, especially during the first 5 years of Wellness treatment.

    Do you provide foods and supplements to treat the conditions discovered during the consultation?

    We only recommend Top Quality, 5 Stars Potency Guaranteed Supplementation and Foods to provide the highest possibility of the patient receiving beneficial nutrients.


    We keep a limited supply which you can invest on the day. Alternatively, we will guide you on how you can order directly from our trusted suppliers.


    Depending on availability of  herbs, fruits and vegetables in season, we will also make these available from our Organic Garden. This Organic Garden is the result of over 50 years in the deep study and experience in different climates of creating the highest quality Organic foods.


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