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Ronald Delary-Simpson & Petrina Ten

At the moment of writing the following comments, we have reached the combined milestone of studying, researching and practicing very advanced nutrition for over 60 years.


Dr JENSEN was the foremost practitioner most credited to be the man who worked diligently for OVER 7 DECADES to advance Iridology ,Sclerology and Nutrition THIS QUOTE FROM HIS BOOK IS VISIONARY ;- I BELIEVE IN IRIDOLOGY & NUTRITION AS THE TWIN GUIDING STARS THAT WILL BRING A NEW PROFESSION EQUALLY UPLIFTING FOR BOTH DOCTOR & PATIENT .

Petrina & Ronald

Petrina & Ronald

Our opinion is that over the last 50 years, the MAJORITY of the medical profession has become far too embroiled in the DEEP MORASS of dispensing drugs rather than accurate diagnosing and treating patients in preventive and recovery protocols. On average, the medical profession has limited appointment time for each patient and often, instead of taking adequate time to find the root cause of the symptoms, they prescribe quick fixes such as pain killers or surgery.

In comparison, we (2 of us) personally spend at least 2 hours each for the initial consultation and our passion in helping those who are ready to be helped means that our consultation and support time is not so strictly time based as you would be treated by most other professions. We are more results driven.

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    A further quote (40 years ago) by an eminent and highly respected Naturopathic Doctor …. Dr Dorothy Hall : IF EVERY AUSTRALIAN ate a sprig of herbs from their own garden every day HALF THE HOSPITALS IN AUSTRALIA WOULD BE EMPTY.(ANOTHER VISIONARY QUOTATION)
    Personally ,we can now say confidently that we have mastered the SCIENCE OF BOTH ADVANCED IRIDOLOGY /SCLEROLOGY & NUTRITION by consulting and observing of over 50,000 patients in 23 countries,spanning over 4 DECADES PLUS IN ACTUAL PRACTICE,
    Iridology is based on the sound premise that the eyes are the windows to a person’s soul also the fact that there are 28,000 nerve endings in the human eye travelling from the nerves in the spinal column .
    After 4 decades plus in this revealing field,I now believe that the eyes provide a stunning ,non invasive way of accurately assessing myriad of medical conditions and disease patterns that enable us as Practitioners to detect the causative factors involved in diseases affecting each patient
    In the past 20 years,the modern development of specifically designed IRIDOLOGY cameras have been substantially improved with the use of modern fibre optics cutting edge technology .
    These modern camera technologies have made our work practice much easier ,faster with the more vivid pictures of the indications ,colourings and markings in the iris and the sclera.
    Those much improved pictures enable us as PRACTITIONERS to more accurately see on our modern computer screens and thus we can recommend recovery protocols much more accurately.
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    The attached photos demonstrate very detailed pigmentation, patterns, stress rings /contraction furrows up to 300 indicators in the eyes NON INVASIVELY.

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