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What is Arthritis & How Can We Help You


What is Arthritis ?

Arthritis is composed of 2 words. GREEK “ARTHROS” meaning JOINT & “Is” meaning inflammation .Together ARTHROS & IS form the word ARTHRITIS meaning Inflammation of the joints.

Arthritis is a very severe disease affecting a large percentage of the world”s population. It is very common in the portion of the population aged 45 and above .Cold temperatures tend to severely exacerbate the pain of arthritis .

Over the last 45 years of very intelligent observation in 23 countries, we have concluded that cold to extremely cold weather contribute enormously to cause many different types of arthritis. For example in Australia which is a vast continent , people who live in the Southern states of Victoria and Tasmania have much higher cases of arthritis compared to the warmer States of Queensland,Western Australia & the Northern Territory.

We know of many cases of arthritic patients from the Southern states that obtain remarkable improvements when they move to Queensland .Queensland enjoys an average of 8 hours daily sunshine each year .

Adult asthma is often linked and has some form of connection with allergies and accompanied by other allergic reactions such as hayfever

Victoria has around 3 to 5 hours daily sunshine each year .The three most common arthritis diseases are called rheumatoid arthritis ,osteoarthritis and psoriatic arthritis .All three forms are very painful and distress to the sufferer .Many arthritis sufferers have such severe symptoms that they tend to resort to taking very strong painkillers twenty four hours daily.

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Signs and Symptoms of Arthritis

Severe,constant  and often highly debilitating and distressful  pain in the joints especially the cervical vertebrae,deltoid , thoracic vertebrae ,lumbar areas of the spinal column,knees, ankles, hands and pelvis.

The aforementioned joints are the most commonly affected areas of the human body.

We also see similar symptoms in certain breeds of dogs like Labradors and German Shepherds.Because of the type of breeding that the Labradors and German Shepherds are put through ,that type of breeding creates a much higher level of arthritis compared to other dogs.

How we help people with Arthritis

Our practice is very experienced in treating all types and degrees of severities of arthritis.Our practice has had massive experience in treating osteoarthritis ,rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis .Psoriatic arthritis is most probably the most painful and visibly distressing to the sufferer.

Our protocols use the very advanced sciences of  Iridology and Sclerology to ascertain the degree of severity of the specific joints and that then determines how we proceed with the treatment of Arthritis in its many forms .

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    What makes your treatment of arthritis different to a medical doctor ?

    We spend at least 2 hours deeply analysing the information about the arthritis sufferer compared to the usual 10 minutes consultation by a medical doctor .

    Have you dealt with arthritis sufferers in your practice ?

    We have assisted thousands of arthritis sufferers in Asia,Australia ,U.S.A and Europe over the last 45 years .