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Back Problems

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Healing back problems

What are back problems ?

Back Problems is a common occurrence that most of the population, specially urban in the world, will or has suffered or will suffer from some type of back problems.There are 24 vertebrae in the human back/spinal column, composed of 7 CERVICAL vertebrae (small in size) ,12 THORACIC vertebrae(medium in size ) and 5 LUMBAR vertebrae (large in size) .

In addition the Atlas is the bone base structure closest to the bottom of the skull followed by the 1st Cervical vertebrae .The coccyx (shaped like a small pointed cucumber ) known as the tailbone is the last bone structure attached to the 5th LUMBAR vertebrae(the very last vertebrae of the lumbar section)

Common Back problems

The most common back problems are subluxations for example when the disc between the vertebrae is moved out of its usual alignment in the spinal column .Subluxations can vary in severity and pain levels.Subluxations at its mild points cause back pain at a tolerable level however severe subluxations can cause excruciating pain and can take months of chiropractic treatment, long term extensive rest and advanced nutrition  to realign and repair the bruised tissues to a level where there is no more pain .

Remarkably our vast experience in the treatment of back pain has shown that the lower back (lumbar region) with the largest vertebrae is very much more responsible for back pain than the thoracic and cervical regions of the back .We believe that it is our sedentary type of life that is common in the west .The average British citizen spends over 5 hours of watching television daily .That is over 1800 hours of no activity per year for the muscular ,bone and ligament structures in the human body .Bus drivers who work long hours driving buses in polluted air are one type of workers prone to major long term back problems .

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Signs and Symptoms of Back problems

Pain ranging from mild to severe to very severe anywhere in the back area.,Difficulty in breathing,difficulty in breathing whilst lying down,blocked nose,sinus dripping , heart palpitations ,cold hands and feet ,tightness in bending over ,pain during any lifting ,poor sleep caused by constant pain ,all of these symptoms often additionally causing  severe anxiety

All of these symptoms often additionally causing severe anxiety

How we help people with Back problems

Our practice is very experienced in treating all types and severities of ALL types of back problems .Our protocols use Iridology and Sclerology to ascertain the degree of severity of back symptoms including muscular and ligaments tissue  and that then determines how we proceed with the appropriate  treatment.

We also have excellent connections  with trusted Chiropractors when we do need their specific assistance for our patients

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    In your wellness practice, do you use the services of a Chiropractor when needed ?

    Yes after a thorough examination and iris /sclera analysis and obtaining a precise history of your back problems ,we will refer the case to a very experienced Chiropractor located about 15 minutes from our wellness clinic.

    How long is your consultation when dealing with a severe back problem ?

    Our standard consultation is 90 minutes however without any extra cost we will extend to 2 hours to pinpoint the causes of the back pain .

    What is the waiting time to obtain an available time slot at your wellness clinic?

    Usually we can allocate a consultation spot within 3 weeks .