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Meet Petrina & Ronald Helping People Live A Healthier Life Using Alternative Medicine Get Amazing Health Results By Using Organic Every Day Food, As Well As Some Awesome Supplements Green Want To Get Your Health In Shape? Book A Free Consultation, Today

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At Planet Wellness, we help you diagnose health related issues, and advise on organic and natural ways to help you recover, or ease any pains or discomforts

Wellness Iridology

The science of diagnosing current or potential health issues by studying the iris which is the coloured part of your eyes.

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Nutrition Advice

You are what you eat. We help recommend the best foods and how best to consume these for optimum nutrition intake.

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Health Consultations

Lets discuss what health related issues you may have and we will put together a healthy organic way to help you.

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A powerful alternative technique that uses the colours, patterns, & various other properties of you eye’s iris to assess your general health. Click To learn more.


We help advise you on matters of food and nutrition which may impact on health, or specific health related issues

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We have helped treat and transform many lives using alternative techniques. We can help you too. Get in touch.


Iridology is an alternative medicine technique whose proponents claim that patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris can be examined to determine information about a patient's systemic health.


We provide great nutrition advice! We use organic methods and an alternative medicine approach to treating most conditions, from skin irritation/eczema, weight control, diabetes and so much more, helping you to lead a much healthier lifestyle

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What ever health related matter you wish to talk about, please do get in touch with us. We have treated hundreds of people, without using the typical drugs that GP’s and medics may prescribe.

About Planet Wellness

We have over 50 years expertise in helping customers worldwide with various health concerns. We are very knowledgeable about natural remedies.

We have a Wellness clinic in East London, United Kingdom where in person consultations take place. For those who are unable to travel, we also offer remote consultations via Zoom video conferencing.

Our consultations are in-depth to enable us to access more accurately, the root cause of your symptoms. This takes time and our initial consultation will take at least 90 minutes.

We are regular guests on a London Based Internet radio station where we review books that help with life and also share Wellness related tips.

We also have a YouTube channel where new videos are released every week.

Subscribe to the Planet Wellness YouTube channelIn our spare time, we enjoy Organic Gardening where we plant various herbs, vegetables and fruits in our home garden. We also enjoy healthy cooking and will be releasing our cook book later in 2024.

Happy Customers

Very illuminating session. Delighted with it. Eager to crack on with everything we spoke about and more. Didn't wake during the night. Best sleep for a few months.


Thank you so much for today's session, the diagnosis and the recommended treatment. I look forward to taking the supplements and changing my diet to make dramatic improvements.

Paul V

Thank you Ronald and Petrina! Despite many Dr sceptics, my blood tests showed my Vit D levels are on the high/normal levels despite living in the UK. This is after taking the Usana Vit D daily for the past year or so. Always nice to surprise the experts!


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