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Sel De Guerande Salt for Psoriasis

Have you heard of Sel De Guerande Salt? Read this article to learn more.   This traditional marine salt is naturally coarse and grey as it is unwashed and unrefined without additives. It is rich in magnesium and oligo-salt elements and we recommend you use it in your meals daily in place of the commonly used processed table salt or processed sea salt which is white and very fine.   This salt comes from the salty marshes of France where it is produced by the natural actions of the ocean, the sun and the wind. It is harvested by hand, using the sauners of unique, ancestral skills. A 1kg bag of Sel De Guerande sea salt goes a long way and will last you many months even when you...

What Is Nutrition?

What Is Nutrition?   Nutrition is the process of providing and obtaining the nutrients necessary for optimum wellness and continued growth.   It is the biochemical and physiological process by which an organism uses food nutrients to support its growth and life functions. It includes ingestion, digestion, absorption, transport, assimilation and excretion of waste.   It is about eating a healthy and balanced meal each time you sit down to eat. Understanding this entire process will help you make better food choices and combinations each time.   Nutrition is the process of taking food and drinks and using it for growth ,metabolism and repair..   There are seven major classes of nutrients that our body needs :-  1.CARBOHYDRATES 2.FATS (ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS) 3.FIBRE (SOLUBLE & INSOLUBLE) 4.PROTEIN 5.MINERALS (MACRO & MICRO ) 6.VITAMINS (MACRO & MICRO) 7.WATER & OTHER LIQUIDS LIKE...