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Sel De Guerande Salt for Psoriasis

Have you heard of Sel De Guerande Salt? Read this article to learn more.


This traditional marine salt is naturally coarse and grey as it is unwashed and unrefined without additives. It is rich in magnesium and oligo-salt elements and we recommend you use it in your meals daily in place of the commonly used processed table salt or processed sea salt which is white and very fine.


This salt comes from the salty marshes of France where it is produced by the natural actions of the ocean, the sun and the wind. It is harvested by hand, using the sauners of unique, ancestral skills. A 1kg bag of Sel De Guerande sea salt goes a long way and will last you many months even when you consume it daily as recommended.


If you’re suffering from Psoriasis, or for that matter, any serious skin problems like eczema, or acne or some skin rashes, there’s a very strong chance that you are very acidic inside your body. That’s what the 75 trillion cells indicate with Psoriasis and that type of skin disease. Watch this video to learn how using Sel De Guerande can also help with your skin concerns.



In order to naturally heal or prevent Psoriasis, Acne, Eczema and other skin concerns, you need to rebalance your acid alkaline balance inside your body. The human body is designed to be 80%, alkaline, and 20% acidic. Now, one of the things you need to do is understand is that when you go to the supermarket and you buy the table type salt, that is man made, understand that it is chemically made and is basically just basic sodium chloride NaCl.


Incorrectly consuming this chemically processed table salt will result in water retention in your body, known as Oedema. This is the build up of fluid in the body’s tissues, making them puffy and swollen. Oedema can affect any part of the body. However because gravity makes fluid fall downwards, the ankles and feet are most frequently affected.




Why I am so tuned in to this Sel De Guerande sea salt is, from my mom’s side, my grandfather and my grandmother came from French extraction, from Provence.  They taught me a lot about how the French grow their stuff, and also the benefits that the French cuisine does. So, from that information I got,  I found out there was a particular salt on the west coast of France, which has some very rough seas. It’s an area called Guerande. I can speak French fluently and it is pronounced Guerande.




So, these Masters have been doing this for 200 years. They bring the seawater in and then they put it in certain pallets and let it dry. That’s it.  So that grey coarse salt you get from the sea, the very rough seas is the best sea salt you can get. The French call it Sel which means Salt, De Guerande, meaning salt from the Guerande.


We use these salts on a weekly or daily basis. So the grey salt is the Sel De Geurande and we’ve added some sprinkles of Himalayan pink salt from a trusted source. The combination of those two is marvellous on a higher level of minerals. This combination, if you did NaCl, you’re getting sodium chloride. When you’re getting this, you get up to 88 minerals. These are macro minerals, as well as a micro minerals. We are talking about potassium, magnesium, calcium, and so on and also selenium, zinc and silica, these are all critical minerals for the human body to function.


We use it in porridge in the morning. I put a teaspoon of that in my porridge. When I have salad, I add another teaspoon sprinkled on my salad, that’s two teaspoons a day and that keeps my kidneys flowing and my liver flowing. it keeps my skin flowing and that is a great addition for adding to your psoriasis benefits and recovery from Psoriasis and other skin problems.


This is a very important fact. If you drink salt or take salt from the salts that are man made, one teaspoon of salt you take from that will will absorb and retain 87 teaspoons of that water, excess water inside your body. So you end up with oedema, your legs are swollen, your kidneys get problems. Do not touch sodium chloride table salt from the supermarket. Take this one, this one has a proper chemistry base. Your body will absorb it and will benefit from it. And that’s the way it works.


Give us some feedback on how you get on with it. We look forward to understanding how you’re getting on.  Do also check out our Psoriasis Expert Secrets Course which has been independently rated the Top 20% of Courses on Coursemarks.com





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