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Best Environment for Walking

Have you wondered which is the best environment for walking? Is it in the early morning, afternoon, evening or late at night? Should you be walking in the countryside or city?


In this video, we are going to spend some time teaching you and sharing with you, the environment you should be in when you go jogging or walking or running. Enjoy.



We have worked and lived in many major cities like Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Paris, Belgium, Amsterdam, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, and so on. What we see is something that is quite stunning. We see very intelligent people that work in intelligent jobs. Yet, they jog or they run in polluted cities and especially on motorways or main roads during peak traffic hours. They are just so ignorant of the dangers and damage the are putting their bodies through regularly by doing this.


For example, in London, you are getting aircraft fuel, bus fuel exhaustion, car fuel, taxis exhaustion and generally much higher level of pollution than you would somewhere else. This is partly why parts of London are now being taxed for Congestion and Fuel Emissions.

You may notice that after spending some time in a city like London, your nostrils are black and the collars of your shirts are black and your clothes smell musty. This is the “unseen” pollution we are referring to.


What you need to understand is, when you jog, or walk or run in the city, you’re going to get a lot of extra free radical damage in your cells. So your body is going to oxidise even faster than if you just walked.



So what we would highly recommend is, do not walk, or run or jog for exercise in a polluted city. Go to somewhere like where we are going to recommend next. About three minutes from our home, we have got seven acres of beautiful reserved park land. There is no pollution. You can smell it’s so much cleaner, the oxygen is high. So the first thing is to pick a park, where the pollution is low, really low. Because the more you exercise in a polluted environment, the more free radical damage you get, and you’ve destroyed the whole purpose of the exercise.


Now, what is the best time to walk? It is first thing in the morning because during the night, the trees and the bushes absorb carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and they release oxygen first thing in the morning and that’s what you’re breathing when you go to a proper park at that time of the day, from five o’clock to about eight o’clock.


Now once you understand that, you are now going to cut your free radical damage a lot more. You are going to create a lot more antioxidants in your body when you walk like that, in that sort of time environment.  We do not recommend walking, jogging or running at night. Because by six, seven or eight at night, the air is full of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and fumes. So most important, the ideal time to walk, run or jog is between five am to eight am in the morning. That’s the best time to walk the way we teach.


Now if you do it this way, you’re going to get a lot more antioxidants supporting your body, you’re going to get a lot more oxygen into your lungs and into the bronchial system. Even if you suffer from hay fever or asthma or some sort of respiratory issue, that sort of walking at that time in the morning, properly done will change your life completely.


Do not make the mistake of jogging, walking or running in a polluted city. Go somewhere beautiful, clean, a reserve that’s not been sprayed and you are going to get the best of everything.


Give us your feedback and let us know how you get on. Thank you.




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