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Diabetes Treatment Using Olive Oil

If you’re suffering from Diabetes, whether it’s Diabetes Mellitus type one, or type two, you need to know the difference. Type One Diabetes. That is basically the insulin in your pancreas on the left here is non existent or very small amounts there. That’s critical for the level of insulin, the level of pancreatic enzymes is absolutely necessary to break down any sugar top foods. I will explain what they are in a minute that come inside your body. The important part is that the pancreas on the left hand side must also work in conjunction with your liver and your gallbladder on your right inside.


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Now, I will tell you that for 40 odd years of experience plus, I guarantee you’ve been to many doctors, many pharmacists, many types of let’s say healers of some type, but you need to go to what we call a top class. very advanced Wellness Practitioners like we are.


So one of the biggest clues I’m going to give you is, a lot of people don’t like fats because it is unhealthy. That’s not true. You need actual fats, quality fats to break down the bile and also the sugar level. They combine and work together.


So one of the things I recommend, if you’re using a cheap oil like a cheap vegetable oil in a plastic bottle, get rid of it because that oil will hurt your pancreas and your liver even more. What I recommend is a type of olive oil like this one, this is a great one.


This oil is made in Greece and it’s grown in Greece and it’s organic, and it’s extra virgin and cold extracted. This is an oil that will benefit your health enormously. Now if you’re Diabetic, you need to take about a tablespoon of that in the morning and a tablespoon at night. That regulates your blood sugar and your liver that will help to regulate it.


I do not recommend olive oil that is in a clear bottle. Remember it’s got to be amber, it’s got to be glass and cold extracted, organic preferably and be fresh. You will know when it’s good quality because when you taste this olive oil, it will give you a little bite in the throat that means it’s organic. That means it’s polyphenols are rich and that’s what you want for your Diabetes to be healed.



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