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How To Use Iridology To Spot Diabetes

Do you wish you or someone you know had been warned about Diabetes sooner? Diabetes is a disease whose initial symptoms are often undetectable. As a result, many cases of Diabetes are not detected as early as they could have been. Using the science of Iridology, many potential illnesses can be spotted way in advance before the symptoms arise. Imagine the difference it would make when you have a head start or pre-warning of potential illnesses so you can take immediate actions to prevent or reverse it.     If you or someone you know has got Diabetes type one or type two,  you or the person would have been to at least one Medical Doctor or a nurse for a check up. Years ago, Medical Doctors would shine...

What You Need To Know About Diabetes

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease, except if you have been born with it (Diabetes Type One). Please therefore read this blog to discover how you can treat or prevent this lifestyle disease. Keep an open mind and follow our recommendations to achieve the results you have been searching for.     Some women get diabetes when they are pregnant. What amazes us is, most people who have been diagnosed as Pre-Diabetic or Diabetic, the practitioner that has given the diagnosis does not even show these people where their pancreas is! You need to remember that when we get ill or get a disease, it has not happened just overnight. It takes a few days, weeks, months or years for the illness or disease to occur.  Bearing this in mind,...

Diabetes Treatment Using Olive Oil

If you're suffering from Diabetes, whether it's Diabetes Mellitus type one, or type two, you need to know the difference. Type One Diabetes. That is basically, the insulin in your pancreas on the left here is non existent or very small amounts there. That's critical for the level of insulin, the level of pancreatic enzymes is absolutely necessary to break down any sugar rich foods.  The important part is that the pancreas on the left hand side must also work in conjunction with your liver and your gallbladder on your right inside.     Please watch and learn from our short video below on how to treat Diabetes using Olive Oil.  If you find this video useful, please share the link with others and subscribe to our channel. On...