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What You Need To Know About Diabetes

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease, except if you have been born with it (Diabetes Type One). Please therefore read this blog to discover how you can treat or prevent this lifestyle disease. Keep an open mind and follow our recommendations to achieve the results you have been searching for.



Some women get diabetes when they are pregnant. What amazes us is, most people who have been diagnosed as Pre-Diabetic or Diabetic, the practitioner that has given the diagnosis does not even show these people where their pancreas is! You need to remember that when we get ill or get a disease, it has not happened just overnight. It takes a few days, weeks, months or years for the illness or disease to occur.  Bearing this in mind, you should not expect to get a quick fix. If you have attempted the quick fix, you would have done some damage to your health, over a period of time. Now is the time to get a permanent solution.  If you continue to rely on chemical medication, it is going to be detrimental to your health in the longer term.


There are five pathways to our health.  The first one is when you are healthy. Second is when you get to an acute stage where you get illnesses like colds, cough, allergies and flu. We have come across a lot of people who say “Oh, I am healthy” and then they say, “By the way, every few months or once a year, I get a cold”.  Now,  that is not optimum health. If you wish to suppress the cold, you would normally use drugs, aspirin, panadol or similar painkillers. The third stage is the sub-acute stage where you get illnesses like sinuses and hay fever. You then suppress it with vapours and other synthetic chemicals. The fourth stage is the chronic stage where it is more serious such as asthma and pneumonia and you suppress it by using penicillin, antihistamines and tranquillisers. The fifth stage is degenerative stage which will include diseases like cancer, diabetes or arthritis. The suppression methods include chemotherapy, radiation and much heavier drugs. The suppression solutions work, however they are just a quick fix.


The best way we can explain this is , imagine if you had someone knocking on your door. Now if you do not want to open the door, what do you do?  Maybe you do not want to hear the person who is knocking and keeps knocking and banging on your door. What do you do?  Either, you cover your ears with a pillow or something or maybe play loud music so you cannot hear the noise.  These are basically what suppression solutions are like. Makes sense?



The word chronic comes from the Greek word “Kronos”, which means chronometer, an instrument for measuring time. Now, what is remarkable is, when you are talking about pneumonia and asthma, you are in a chronic stage. We found out that 80% of Americans are sick and in the chronic stage, because of the way they eat massive steaks, drink fizzy drinks and other highly processed foods.  Once you get past a chronic stage, your health is in serious trouble unless you get really good advice.


If you do not reverse,  you get tumours,  arthritis and diabetes. Arthritis comes to the Greek word  “Arthrous”, which means joint. Therefore,  arthritis means joint pain. There are many people with diabetes who get gangrene, which is a serious condition where a loss of blood supply causes body tissue to die. It can affect any part of the body. However, it typically starts in the toes, feet, fingers and hands.  As we mentioned, we don’t just catch a disease, we create them by breaking down the natural defences according to the way we live, eat, drink and think.


For those who are spiritual and believe in God, our creator, we remind you that you need to eat food that has been created for us and abstain from highly processed foods. Saying grace or asking God to bless the highly processed foods is not going to change the lack of nutrition or harmful chemicals found in these processed foods. There is no point thanking God or the creator for your food if  it is also food that you ingest that will create diseases. It is like a smoker, saying grace before smoking a cigarette, cigar or cannabis. Diseases cannot be cured or avoided by those who practice degenerative lifestyle habits.



We are holistic beings composed of body, mind and spirit, so natural treatments should really be non invasive, non toxic, and holistic orientated and these are the examples that we have listed here.  Nutritional homoeopathic, naturopathic, osteopathic, chiropractic, massage, structural exercise, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, physiotherapeutic, herbal, vibrational music, and geographic and climatic and spiritual.  Sunshine plays an important role as well to our health. Nature cures, however she must be given the opportunity as well.


Learn more by watching our webinar recording on Diabetes.



Diabetes is a chronic, long lasting health condition as we explained, that affects how your body turns food into energy. Most of the food we eat is broken down into sugar, which is glucose and released into our bloodstream. When your blood sugar goes up, it signals your pancreas to release insulin.


What are the main causes of diabetes?. The amount of sugar in the blood is controlled by the hormone called insulin, which is produced by the pancreas, which is the gland behind the stomach. When the food is digested, and enters into your bloodstream, insulin moves glucose out of the blood into the cells where it is broken down to produce our energy.



There is mainly two types of Diabetes.

Diabetes Type One, which normally happens when you are born with it.  That is where the body system for fighting infection, the immune system attacks and destroys the insulin producing beta cells of the pancreas.

Diabetes Type two, which has several causes, including genetics and lifestyle. Insulin resistance occurs when your body does not use insulin as well  or as much as it should.


There is an intrinsic book actually written by a Doctor. It is called “What your Doctor doesn’t know about nutritional medicine may be killing you”.  These are the actual words in the book. It says physicians are disease oriented. They study disease, and they look for diseases so they are pharmaceutically. trained to treat diseases. In order to do so, we know our drugs.  It goes on to tell about how in medical school, Doctors normally do like 75 hours of nutrition study in about eight to ten years of the study itself to qualify and so that’s why you know, a lot of times, these Doctors are not aware about how you can heal yourself through nutrition.


The author of the book, Dr. Ray Strand was a very capable medical doctor.  He was a doctor for 30 odd years and his wife used to have a business, taking care of horses and training horses to race. When his wife got so sick by eating the wrong foods, she was suffering from fibromyalgia, pneumonia, asthma, and other allergies. A friend who was a neighbour and understood the importance of nutrition and nutritional supplements recommended natural solutions to Lisa, the Doctor’s wife. However, being a Doctor’s wife, she knew she would have to obtain her Doctor husband’s  blessing before she agreed to follow alternative advice?  To Lisa surprise, her husband said to her, “Honey, you can try anything you want as we doctors certainly are not doing you any good”.


He went on to share, “Because of the respect people have for doctors, they assume we are experts in all health related issues, including nutrition”.  Now Ray told the audience, his wife was so sick. She spent 22 hours in bed every day and every two hours she’d get up and she’d be exhausted and go back to bed. As the Doctor had to treat other people outside, he rostered his kids off school so they could take care of the mom during the day, afternoon and evening.


To his amazement, when the neighbour gave Lisa, potency guaranteed supplements, within about six weeks, she started getting much better and another six more weeks, she was fully restored and never had a problem again. To this day, she continues taking these supplements.


The pancreas is actually behind the stomach.  The stomach is above next to the liver and these two organs are buddies. The liver releases bile, a fluid that helps with digestion.  The liver’s primary function is to break down the bile to use bile to break down fats. You have to take care of both these organs extremely well. The liver, pancreas and the stomach play a very integral part in controlling diabetes.


If you either have diabetes or know someone who has diabetes, what we’d like you to do is, when you next speak to the person or question yourself, when you remember last going to your doctor, (we are not having a go at Doctors, we are just trying to compare them), did they ever explain to you where your pancreas is? Or did they just say “Sorry, you’ve got diabetes, here are the drugs and off you go as I do not have time to discuss further as I need to see the next patient”.



This is the difference between coming to see us and going to see your general practitioner.  We  use a non invasive tool called Iridology. We use a special Camera where we take photographs of your eyes and from, there we can actually analyse what is going wrong even before you experience the symptoms.



In the eye photo, you’ll see in the eye, in the pupil, you’ll actually see a very dark blackish ring.  We call this the sugar mark.  We can know that you already have diabetes or you’re on the verge of getting diabetes and this is where we will actually tell you to change your lifestyle.


Foods to be eaten when you have Diabetes or wish to maintain great health include, karela or bittergourd, kale, spinach, broccoli and organic celery.



When trying to fix diabetes or prevent diabetes, it’s not only the pancreas that you need to look after, it is also the other key organs such as your kidneys, liver and digestive system as well.  We recommend you drink at least two and a half to three litres of liquids in hot weather. The liquids should be a combination of 80% alkaline water and 20% unsweetened fruit juice not from concentrate such as cloudy apple juice, dark grape juice or even coconut water or mango juice.



Do download our free Best Ways To Treat Diabetes Guide and also check out our 2 Diabetes courses for more guidance on how to deal with Diabetes or prevent it.


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