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Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic or Allium Sativum is a root vegetable that’s going to be helping you to keep healthy and well in this season, where everyone’s concerned about viruses, colds and flu. You have probably come across it, however you do not understand the power of garlic. What do you know about garlic? Please read on to understand the health benefits of garlic.


Do be very careful when you buy garlic. Do not buy Chinese garlic because Chinese garlic often is grown with human faeces. What happens as a result is it’s grown with human faeces and therefore it’s prone to get all kinds of diseases like syphilis, venereal disease that can penetrate into the garlic from China. We do not recommend Chinese garlic anymore. What we go for is Australian garlic, Spanish garlic and French garlic.



Why is garlic so effective? Garlic belongs to what we call the Allicin family. In the Allicin family you’ve got garlic, chives, leeks, spring onions, red onions, brown onions, white onions and shallots. All these contain sulphur which is great in dealing with viruses that we are concerned about today.



You may have come across Aioli or Allioli which is a sauce made of garlic, salt, olive oil and often egg, similar to Mayonnaise. Aioli has been derived from the name of Garlic in French called AIL. If you choose to eat garlic daily especially during this time with the current viruses, you need to eat about three or four cloves of garlic. The reason why you need that is because three cloves of garlic is effective as an antibacterial and also as an immune system builder. Three cloves of garlic contains the amount of sulphur required to fight any infection that comes through your nose, mouth or eyes.


The entire garlic is called a bulb or a corm. A corm of garlic contains a number of cloves. Consume at least three cloves of garlic daily and you can keep the rest for future usage. We recommend using a wooden chopping board and not use chopping boards made of plastic or polypropylene. The one we use is made from Australian Camphor wood. The reason why camphor was so effective with garlic is because camphor is also a disinfectant which keeps the board nice, healthy and sterile. The best way to prepare the garlic is to use a small cleaver knife to press the garlic to remove the skin easily and also release the natural pungent smell and oils from the garlic clove.



Our recommended way of eating the cloves of garlic.

There are several ways you can consume the three cloves of garlic.



You can  use it as a base for a fish, meat, lamb or turkey dish and you put the cloves on the base of your pot. You chop it up really fine with a cleaver or sharp knife. You put it on the bottom of the pan, put a bit of olive oil and apple cider vinegar and this becomes your base. You can also add onions, red onions and shallots to add to the sulphur content. You then put the heat on and stir, cooking the garlic gently. Then you add meat, fish or chicken on top of it and your vegetables with that.


If you’re worried about the pungent taste and the smell from your mouth, which can be quite annoying to other people, what you can do is the number one trick is to grow some parsley, either flat leaf parsley or curly parsley. After you’ve eaten the garlic dish or the dish containing the garlic, you chew about a tablespoon of parsley and that will completely get rid of the sulphur taste, but it will not it will not stop the medicinal value of the garlic. In addition to that when you add the parsley, the parsley has got iron, which combines with the sulphur and gives you an additional strength and measure against bacteria and your immune system will be boosted even more.


When you take garlic, remember  we recommend Spanish garlic, Australian garlic or French garlic. Do not buy any other garlic or better still, grow your own garlic. You can grow your own garlic and  this is how you do it.  When you grow garlic, the time to do it is about December (Winter time). You take a clove of unpeeled garlic and plant it in soil. The base of the garlic will then grow its own root system and the top of the clove will shoot and then that one clove after about three or four months of growing in the soil will become the comb.


In other words, it will give you about 20 to 25 cloves. So if you grow your garlic organically, that will mean that you’re going to have a lot more sulphur and a lot more other minerals, but the main mineral that you get from the garlic is sulphur.




You can make a tea with garlic cloves, adding olive leaves, Very Berry and Red Bush tea leaves. You pour boiling water and let it brew for about seven minutes as a tea. This enables you to get sulphur from the garlic, antioxidants from the olive leaves and so on. After seven minutes, add a teaspoon of honey and you sip the tea daily. Now if you’ve got a tendency where you’re getting colds or flu, or sinus issues, you can make three cups of tea with that mixture. If you do that three times a day, you will get rid of your colds much quicker.


If you have a very weak immune system, where you get colds or flu several times a year, consuming three cloves of garlic daily will prevent you from getting ill.




You can also swallow the cloves of garlic with a glass of juice.


Watch our video for further information:



If you’re suffering from Psoriasis, or some other major skin problems like Eczema, Advanced Eczema, Acne, Advanced Acne or other Skin irritations, there is a very, very strong chance that your blood is toxic and when your blood is toxic, the blood will take the toxicity and will penetrate into the 75 trillion cells that are inside you.


There are 75 trillion cells in the human body, there’s 200 types of cells such as red blood type and white blood cells. The nucleus are organelles found  in each cell, a marvellous machine.  One of the greatest secrets of mankind that are smart is garlic.  Garlic is a top underrated blood cleanser. When you mix garlic with old ginger every day in your tea or your meals, that is going to create an enormous amount of anti inflammatory in your body. It is going to build your immune system right up and it is also going to heal your skin.



So if you have got Psoriasis or other skin problems, we recommend you consume three cloves of garlic daily and watch our above short video to learn more.

We look forward to hearing from you so that we can guide you further.


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