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Do we need to detox our body?

Most of us have heard the term “detox” especially towards the end of a new year or start of a new year. Do we need to detox our body and if yes, what is the most effective way? Read on to learn more.



Detoxification is the body’s process of neutralising and eliminating toxins, which are harmful substances that contribute to ill health. In our body, our kidneys, liver, skin and digestive system are the main organs for detoxification. Detoxification is something our body does every day to transform these toxins into less harmful matter and excrete them.



However, in this modern world where we receive constant stress from various sources such as air pollution, pesticides and chemicals in our food and water supplies and other modern lifestyle habits, these organs do need help. Our bodies give signals when it requires detoxification and these include muscular and joint pain, bloating with gas, fatigue, bad breath, sinus congestion and skin problems. There is no short cut for cleansing apart from eating healthier, drinking lots of water and abstaining from certain foods.




However, just like the gunk that builds up in our building pipes or scale from hard water, likewise our body organs need that special help to clean the respective organs effectively, which is very difficult and almost impossible to do by just eating more fruits, vegetables and fibre and abstaining from alcohol, sugar and processed foods.


Eating healthier will help you have regular and more effective daily bowel movements which is part of our detoxification process.




We need to consume 38 grams of soluble and insoluble fibre daily. Most adults only get 16 grams daily. In order to achieve 38 grams daily, we need to consume at least 30 portions of fruit and vegetables daily. We could try via juicing and blending, however with most of these methods, often the fibrous parts are not consumed. Furthermore, most of us gulp the juice down in our fast paced lifestyles. Our tongues are designed to taste and mix food with our saliva glands adequately before it goes into our digestive system.



Digestive health can be taken for granted. Healthy digestion is something you don’t notice if everything is operating smoothly. Fibre helps digestion stay smooth. Fibergy Active is the fibre-focused solution in the USANA Active Nutrition product line that’s backed by science and thorough research to put optimal gut health within reach.


With Fibergy Active, you can show support for your gut health before irregularity and discomfort becomes a cross to bear. This fibre product is easy to put the health of your digestive system first. That’s because it’s no secret that fibre is important. Fibre keeps the food you eat moving through your digestive system. It keeps the bacteria that live in your digestive tract happy and healthy. The complex carbohydrate also keeps you feeling fuller longer, while supporting cardiovascular health. You can activate your gut to run smoothly, and support other important aspects of your overall health, with help from fibre.



It’s easy to add Fibergy Active to whatever drink you use to power your day. Green drinks, smoothies, meal-replacement shakes, even yogurt all mesh well with this versatile fibre supplement. So you have plenty of options to include more fibre in your daily meals.


Fibre Keeps Your Gut Feeling Great


Meeting your daily fibre needs just became easier with Fibergy Active—a convenient, naturally low-glycemic way to up the ante on the complex carbs in your diet. Fibergy Active is a blend of dietary fibres that are vegan-friendly and naturally sourced. So, you’ll get the full range of benefits that a variety of soluble and insoluble fibres have to offer.

As an active adult, you have a lot on your plate. You don’t need a sluggish digestive system slowing you down.



Active Nutrition’s fibre support product Fibergy Active boasts a hefty nine grams of fibre per tablespoon that support your digestive system in key ways:

  • Maintains good digestive health by aiding regularity
  • Feeds and maintains your gut microbiome
  • Supports good cardiovascular and metabolic health
  • Actively supports weight management by helping you feel satisfied after meals


Fibergy will help your body detoxify effectively,  expelling all the “gunk” that has built up over the years in our Digestive tract. We eat 2-3 main meals daily, so in one year, we would have eaten over 1,000 meals.  You can then calculate how many meals you have eaten based on your age.


Effective detoxification should be done on a regular basis, just like cleaning your house. One should not wait till after 6 months or a year to have a detoxification process.



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