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What Can I Expect From Iridology?

Iridology is the practice of studying the iris, which is the coloured part of the eye. It is used to determine information about a person’s health, even before the symptoms arise. It is therefore a non invasive and powerful tool to identify existing and potential health concerns. By being pro-active, the person can be notified of potential health concerns and take appropriate action to rectify these before the symptoms arise or get worse. This is very important as the sooner we take action, the more chance we have of preventing or reversing illnesses. Living a healthy life for as long as possible will ensure the quality of life we enjoy and also that of our loved ones who will not have to take care of us.



Iridology has been practiced for many years. Those who are old enough to remember, will recall when visiting their Doctor some 40 years ago, the Doctor would shine a torch in our eyes and also check our mouths.  Even some more knowledgeable Chiropractors are aware of and use Iridology to determine the part of the spine that needs adjusting.  Iridology uses radial and clocklike charts to determine which area of the body is in urgent need of attention.



When you visit an Iridology clinic such as ours, here is what you can expect. Watch our video below that was recorded awhile ago when a Sky TV station visited our clinic to interview us.





To begin with, we explain that Iridology is totally safe and a non invasive health check. Our special Iridology camera takes detailed photos of your eyes and does not harm, although some patients who are short of beta carotene may find the flash light of the camera a bit too bright and their eyes may start to water a bit, which is fine. If this is the case, we will allow you to dry the tears with tissues, help you relax and try again. The beauty of using digital cameras for the iridology photos is, we can take as many photos as required and ensure these are of adequate quality before analysing and sharing our findings.



Most people are naturally fascinated once they see what their eyes look like close up. They then have many questions as we pinpoint the main 3 or more problems that require priority attention. When we take photos of todlers or younger children, to encourage them, we may often explain the process and use the adult accompanying the child as an example of what to expect. This ensures the child that the process is absolutely safe and will not hurt.



Apart from analysing just the Iris, Practices such as ours also analyse the whites of the eyes, called the Sclera and this is called Sclerology. In most people, the Sclera is not as white as it should be. There are red capillaries, brown markings and even blue rings or tints of blue. All these findings signify varioys weaknesses in the person’s body.




This is an example of an iris where you can see at least 3 Contraction Furrows or Stress rings around the iris. Using the Iridology Chart, we can then pinpoint which organs are stressed. You may be surprised that even very young children and todlers may be severely stressed.


Stress may not always be easily detected. For example, the person may be in an abusive relationship or a child may be bullied at school.  These persons may not express it or our loved ones may be too occupied with other things to notice. However, the eyes are a powerful tool to help identify and monitor this.




When you have an Iridology consultation with persons like us who are also Nutritionists, you save a lot of time as apart from showing you where your weaknesses or potential weaknesses are, we will also show you how to resolve or prevent it from getting worse. We will give you a list of foods and drinks you can consume more of or avoid for faster healing. In addition, we will recommend top quality supplements to take. Supplements as the word implies, means it will “supplement” a healthy lifestyle and must not be mistaken as quick fixes or magic pills and potions to fix your unhealthy habits. We will also recommend other lifestyle improvements or changes such as various exercises for the body and mind to help fast track your healing.



We are aware that time is of value, so to save you having to shop around for the recommended products, where possible, we will stock these at our premises as well so that you can take these immediately instead of waiting a few days or weeks for delivery. We will also guide you as to the most practical and economical way to re-stock on products recommended so you do not feel that these simple lifestyle changes are an added chore.



In addition, unlike some Professionals, we work to a standard and not to a time. Our initial consultation normally takes approximately 90 minutes as the time will fly past quickly. Taking the Iridology photos only takes a few minutes. Analysing your eye photos and answering your queries take a bit longer. In addition, we also go through your detailed list of existing food, drink, medication and supplements taken and explain why some of these may be harming you in the longer term and show you how to slowly and safely wean off these, especially chemical medication.



After your appointment, we welcome further clarifications via text messages or phone calls for a few weeks, until you are comfortable and clear of the new routine and lifestyle to enable you the best results. For serious illnesses such as Cancer, Diabetes, Psoriasis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, we do highly recommend a follow up consultation within 2 months so that we can monitor your progress more accurately. We will take new photos and compare these with the previous photos. This is our independent way of monitoring if you are really following our recommendations fully.



We will also let you have digital copies of your photos to refer to or share with others as you please.


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