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How Iridology Works

Iridology is the non invasive alternative medicine technique that studies the patterns, colours and other characteristics of the iris. The iris is the coloured part of the eye. Iris is the Greek word for Rainbow. Iridologists refer to Iridology or Iris charts to make various observations on various parts of the body. These Iridology or Iris charts have been designed by studying over 1 million pairs of eyes over the years. These charts divides the iris into zones that represent certain parts of the human body such as the Digestive System, Various Organs and Skin.


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Modern Iridology is most popularly attributed to a Hungarian Physician named Ignatz Von Peczely, who whilst trying to free a trapped owl from his garden, observed a marking at 6 o’clock in the owl’s eye which signified the animal’s broken leg. As the leg of the owl started healing, he observed the dark lesion in the owl’s iris begin to slowly knit and repair itself. When examining the eyes, an Iridologist will generally look at the colour of the iris, the brightness or darkness of the colours, the shape and placement of the trabecular fibers and any other markings such as spots or rings.


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Prior to the invention of modern Iridology cameras, Iridologists used a magnifying glass and torch to look into a person’s eyes. They would then draw what the observed. This process was very time consuming and it’s accuracy depended on the Iridologists drawing skills. Nowadays, most Iridologists would have invested in a modern Iridology Digital Camera which enables clear and accurate eye photos to be taken. These photos are transferred onto a laptop or computer, enabling the assessment of the eye photos to be done as soon as the photos have been taken.



If you visit an Iridologist who is not trained in other aspects, all the person will be able to do is to take your eye photos and give you a basic analysis of the main findings. It is best to visit a clinic such as ours as we are also able to go through the “fuel” you consume daily via food, drinks, medication and supplements, as applicable. We can then recommend products that you need to consume more of and those you must abstain from. We explain how certain lifestyle choices are affecting your health, either positively or negatively and it is up to you to decide if you wish to make any changes.  We do support you and guide you in achieving the desired results as much as you are prepared to.



For more serious health conditions such as Psoriasis, Diabetes and Cancer, we recommend you return for follow up consultations every few months so that we can monitor your progress. During these follow up consultations, we take new digital photos and compare these new photos to earlier photos. As the saying goes, ” A picture or photo paints a thousand words” and by comparing photos, we know that these photos give an accurate picture of your existing health conditions and progress. We can then make adjustments to our recommendations.



This is the real power and advantage of using Iridology. When most people recommend supplements, including suppliers or even food for this matter, they use a “one size fits all” approach. However, what we need to bear in mind is everyone’s health condition is different due to different genes, environment, lifestyle and even mindset. By using Iridology, we can then customise our recommendations accordingly and this is a more accurate way of achieving your desired results. Iridology enables us to check the levels of toxicity in your body, the strengths and weaknesses of various organs and to recommend more specific solutions to each area of your body.



Most of us give so much more priority in maintaining physical assets such as homes and vehicles, where we know maintenance and repairs are specific to each asset, even if the home was built by the same builder or the vehicle is the same make and model. Likewise, we must remember that we are all unique individuals with different requirements at different points in our lives and using a non invasive tool such as Iridology really makes sense and is the way forward to maintaining optimum health.



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