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How Is Iridology Used With Holistic Health?

Iridology is the science of analysing the iris, which is the coloured part of the eye.  Iris comes from the Greek word, which means rainbow. Holistic Health is about caring for the whole person, which is body, mind and spirit. This includes physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and social needs. It is the understanding that all these aspects affect a person’s overall health. Being unwell in any area will affect the person in another area.



For example, when a person is under stress, there is a strong likelihood that they will not be taking care of their physical health, which will result in a weakened immune system, which will eventually result in the person getting ill.  Likewise, negative emotions such as frustration and anger, will also eventually result in diseases.



Some alternative healthcare practices that are often found within the realm of holistic health include iridology, chiropractic, massage, energy work, herbalism, meditation, acupuncture, nutrition and physical therapy. Holistic healing will leave the person experiencing wellness on a deeper level that enables more joyful and healthy way of living.



Iridology enables the Holistic Health Practitioner to assess the colour and fibre structure variations of the person’s irises. This will help inform the constitutional strength of their body, together with their emotional and personality traits. Iridology enables the Holistic Health Practitioner to identify the person’s potential strength or health weakness. Whilst genetics plays an important role in a person’s health, it only forms 1/3 of the human being composite. The environment in which the person is exposed to and the actions taken form the remaining 2/3 of the human being composite.



Iridology provides a starting point for lifestyle considerations and education. For example, a person may have spent the first 20 years of their life living with their parents. As they have been financially dependent on their parents or relatives for food and financial support, the environment in which they live in and actions or decisions they make are influenced by their family and peer groups.  However, once the person moves out and leads an independent life, away from their parents and childhood peers, the environment and actions they take with regards to their holistic health changes. This could either improve or become worse depending on the new environment and lifestyle choices they make.


A good example of this is when growing up with parents who practice home cooking, the person would more likely eat more wholesome foods. However, once in the working world, the temptation is to follow their peers by eating out more and also consuming more convenience and junk foods. When a person has their eye photos taken, these changes to their environment and lifestyle can be reflected in their eyes. As photos and the eyes never lie, Iridology can be a useful tool in supporting reasons why a person’s health may be deteriorating and can prove that with the aid of proper nutrition, the body can start healing itself naturally.



Iridology photos can also show the amount of stress rings or contraction furrows. This indicates the levels of stress the various organs are undergoing. One stress ring is equivalent to 20% stress and five stress rings means the person has reached maximum stress level. It can therefore indicate the level of the person’s emotions such as anger, depression, frustration and even suicidal tendencies.



Iridology is therefore a very powerful tool to detect these negative emotions and address it before it is too late. In this faster paced modern world where human connection and communication is limited, it is vital to have an Iridology check up, even for young children. Often times, these children may be bullied at school or by a relative or friend or unhappy at home. However as children, they may not know how to share or express their inner feelings. An iridology examination will pick up these levels of stress and negative emotions.


For the Holistic Health Practitioner, Iridology will help to identify root causes of health problems. Before symptoms arise or develop in the body, Iridology may reveal that certain systems or organs are overstressed, under or over functioning. Iridology can therefore be used as a preventative tool and using alternative medicine, these potential health concerns may be addressed more effectively.


Iridology can reveal the requirement for particular nutrients and therefore result in the recommendations of improved quality of food and drinks consumption, as well as need to take top quality potency guaranteed supplements.


Iridology can also reveal the effectiveness of a person’s digestive system, including proper daily elimination. This can then be improved with the recommendation of taking sufficient fiber and probiotics daily.


Iridology can also detect the levels of acidity in the body. An over acidic body will result in diseases such as Arthritis and Cancer. The Iridologist or Nutritionist can then recommend a course of foods to consume more of so that the body can revert back to a more alkaline state. It is important that this action of rebalancing the body takes place gradually and not via drastic action.


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If you care or are concerned about your or your loved one’s wellbeing, we therefore highly recommend you book in for an in depth Iridology consultation at least once a year with a Holistic Health Practitioner such as us.


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