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Why Should You Believe in Iridology

Iridology is a non invasive alternative medicine technique that enables the assessment of a person’s health condition. Every day, over 28,000 signals from various organs in our body are sent to our eyes.  By studying the various markings in the iris, weaknesses or potential weaknesses in the organs can be identified even before the symptoms arise. This information may be used to demonstrate a person’s susceptibility towards certain diseases, reflect past medical problems or to predict later consequences of developing health problems. The advantages of Iridology is that developing health problems can be addressed sooner, giving the person a greater chance of avoiding the health problem and treating it sooner rather than later.



In this modern day, many practitioners may deny knowledge or belief in Iridology. However, if you do recall visiting your General Practitioner some 20 or 30 years or more ago, you will recall that your GP would shine a torch light into your eyes and study it. Even in accident and emergency cases, the hospital personnel would look for various signals by shining a torch into the patient’s eyes such as looking for dilation in the pupils. When you visit an Opthalmologist, they are trained to care for all eye problems and conditions. An Opthalmologist can detect diseases such as Glaucoma and High Blood Cholesterol. Sadly, because the prevention or reversal of disease is not as profitable as ongoing usage of chemical medication and keeping someone relying on your services, there has been negative press on why one should not trust or believe in Iridology. However, we have proven time and again that Iridology is an effective tool.



Watch our short video below about how we got involved in Iridology and why we continue to practice this and help those who are ready to return to alternative medicine and natural ways of healing and prevention of illness. Remember to share with anyone who may find this information useful.




The iris is the coloured part of our eyes, which may be normally blue, green, brown or black. There are many books on Iridology and what we inform any doubters is that, there is only so much you can write about a subject that is untrue. When you look at how thick some of these Iridology manuals are, with numerous examples of findings, you will then believe in the power of Iridology.


Some of the health problems or potential problems that can be identified using Iridology include Contraction Furrows or Stress Rings. This shows the level of stress in a person’s body and specifically which organs are stressed, such as the liver and brain. It will also indicate if the person is relaxed or has lots of concerns and is always thinking, i.e. unable to switch off even when it comes to bed time, resulting in poor quality of sleep. This will eventually affect the person’s health in the longer term.


Those will blue coloured irises normally have lymphatic weaknesses, which causes tissues to become swollen with fluid. This results in swelling in your arms or legs. When the lymphatic system is compromised, it affects the immune system resulting in depression, brain fog and chronic fatigue.


You will also note from the eye photos on this blog that the iris is not completely the same colour and has other shades, including orange. These other colours indicate other weaknesses in the body such as the Digestive system.



Our eyes always reveal the way we think and feel. For example, we may put on a fake smile or give a polite reply. However, we may also roll our eyes in disgust, which reflects our true feelings about a person or situation. Often, we can tell really subtle things about someone just from their eyes. We can tell if someone is hiding something or if something that was shared was a lie.


Similar to how we place importance in servicing our vehicles or boilers, it is more important to give priority to our health by having a detailed Iridology check up at lease once a year.  With the use of modern digital Iridology cameras, you will get to see your eye photos as soon as the photos have been taken. We refer to an Iridology Chart to show you how the various markings and findings relate to specific organs.



If you would like to have a non invasive health check up, at whatever age or more information on the root cause of a health concern, we highly recommend booking a consultation with a clinic like ours. Very often the root cause of your illness may not be where the symptom is. For example, if you have problems with your hand or head, resulting in pains, headaches or migraines, the root cause is unlikely to be in your hand or head. This is where sadly most organ specialist surgeons get it wrong by recommending unnecessary surgery on these organs. Over the years, we have saved our customers from expensive and life changing surgery by indicating where the root cause of their problems are and we have effectively reversed the problem using natural remedies.


When you visit a clinic such as ours, you will be in a calm and relaxed, non clinical environment to enable us to help you to achieve the results you have been searching for.



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