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Who Would Benefit From Iridology?

Iridology is an alternative medicine technique that studies of the patterns and colours on the iris of the eye. This enables a person’s overall health condition to be determined even before symptoms arise. It is a non-invasive method of viewing the iris to determine existing or potential health issues. Iridologists refer to iridology charts to make these observations. These Iridology Charts have been created after observation of a variety of irises over the years. Each marking and zone in the iris represents a different aspect or organ of the human body.



As Iridology can detect many illnesses or potential illnesses and weaknesses of various organs and emotions, it is suitable for everyone of all ages, including children and babies. For example, a child may be in an unhappy, abusive or bullied relationship either at home or at school or both. Ofter children do not express these negative emotions and these can be detected from an Iridology check up as stress rings or contraction furrows are visible.





One stress ring or contraction furrow all around the iris indicates that the body or person is 20% stressed.  From these findings, appropriate and timely recommendations can be made to relief this stress and deal with the health concern before the health concern deteriorates. It can be a life saver, especially when the person is over 80% stressed with at least 4 stress rings or contraction furrows. Often, these people would be very demotivated, depressed and possibly even contemplating suicide.



Another disease that is normally picked up from an Iridology check up is Diabetes. The sugar markings are visible in the pupil area and again can be an effective and timely pre-warning for the person to deal with this health concern before the illness gets worse. Diabetes is one of the major reasons for amputations and blindness so detecting this earlier on via an Iridology check up will also prevent these life changing amputations and blindness from occuring. Watch our short video explanation below on how to use Iridology to spot Diabetes.




As we get older, age related degenerative diseases such as high cholesterol, blood pressure, cancer and potential for strokes and heart attacks are on the increase caused by lifestyle choices and exposure during our younger years. Iridology can be useful to detect all these prior to symptoms arising. This can be a life saver and many of these illnesses may otherwise be left undetected until it is too late.



Most Medical Doctors and Surgeons, due to lack of time and wanting to ensure their business remains profitable, may often recommend “quick fixes” and short term solutions that do not deal with the root cause of the problems. For example, our many years of experience has proven that most diseases are caused by poor gut health and digestive problems. However, either due to lack of knowledge, experience or merely treating patients as numbers these Professionals need to process every day, these illnesses and diseases are treated by either recommending costly and dangerous or life changing surgical interventions and by prescribing chemical medication that are harmful to our bodies in the longer term.



Watch our short video testimonial from a young  nurse who suffered from migraines for over ten years. At least three top surgeons in the UK, Belgium and France diagnosed the cause of these migraines as a brain tumour and recommended she have surgery. Thankfully, as a last resort, this young lady had an Iridology consultation with us and we managed to find out the root cause of her migraines, which was not a brain tumour. We recommended natural remedies accordingly and many years on, she is now migraine free and has also given birth to a healthy baby boy.





Iridology has also helped find out the root cause of skin problems such as Eczema and Psoriasis. It has also helped find out shortages in various Vitamins and Minerals caused by a less healthy lifestyle and also not getting sufficient Vitamins and Minerals from our foods sources, even organic food sources, due to depletion in the quality of our soil over the years.



Many younger children and adults suffer from low energy levels. This is often caused by lack of good quality and sufficient sleep and also anemia, which is iron deficiency. Anemia is where your body does not produce sufficient red blood cells because the level of iron in your body is too low. Apart from lethargy, there are often no symptoms of anemia. However, this can be spotted using Iridology. Most women of child bearing age would suffer from iron deficiency due to their menstrual cycle and pregnancy.


Watch our short video to learn further Who Would Benefit From Iridology?



As Iridology is a non-invasive health check, it would benefit many who prefer not to have regular more invasive health checks such as blood tests and X-rays. Iridology is generally simple, fast and painless. Some people may experience slight discomfort from the light shining into their eyes and this is normally caused by oversensivity due to lack of beta carotene.



Iridology photos taken with special Iridology cameras are useful to help monitor a person’s progress. The photos are accurate and tell whether the patient is following recommendations or just claiming that they are.



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