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Can Iridology Detect Cancer?

Iridology is the study of the patterns and colours on the iris, which is the coloured part of the eye.  This enables the Iridologist to determine information about the patient’s overall health and health concerns, even before symptoms arise. Iridologists use Iridology Charts to make these observations. The Iris is divided into multiple zones and each zone represents a different aspect or organ of the human body. The Iridology Chart was designed over many years of study and observations of over one million pairs of eyes.


Our eyes express joy, sadness and fear. It is often referred to as the window to the soul. Iridologists use flashlights, magnifying glass and special Iridology cameras to examine the patient’s iris in order to detect tissue changes, irregularities and pigment patterns. Iridology is used more to detect impaired organ functions attributable to environmental and lifestyle toxins, poor nutrition and stress. Colour variations in the iris carry specific significance and can even indicate whether a suspected condition is acute, sub-acute, chronic or degenerative.


Tumours are abnormal growths in the body that can either be benign or malignant. Benign refers to a condition , tumour or growth that is not cancerous. Malignant tumours are cancerous and grows faster that benign tumours. Watch our short video testimonial where we saved a young nurse from having potential life threatening and life changing surgery on her brain, all because at least 3 Top Surgeons in the UK and Europe claimed she had a brain tumour which was giving her constant migraines for over 10 years. When she had a detailed Iridology consultation with us, these “so called tumours” were actually built up toxicity caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. We recommended she improve her lifestyle, detoxify and take top quality supplements. After a few weeks, her life has improved significantly and migraines ceased completely to the point where she now has her life back and has also since started her own family.



During an Iridology consultation, if very dark colours or markings are found in the iris, these may be signs of serious health concerns, normally cancer. However, as Iridology is not so much used as a tool to diagnose illness, we will highly recommend for the patient to carry out further tests to confirm our findings and suspicions.


Watch our short video and learn if Iridology Can Detect Cancer.



Years ago, a complete stranger who was a chain and heavy smoker came to one of our public health booths to have a taster session whilst we were taking part in a health seminar. We had no information about her lifestyle and any health history. Whilst examining her right eye, we noticed a huge lacuna or pit in her iris, where the right lung is located. As this is another unusual sign which raises concern, we recommended she undergo more detailed cancer marker testing. This lady returned to us a few days later after taking these tests to inform us that her lung cancer was spotted at least 10 years in advance and we had in fact saved her from years of having this cancer undetected, until symptoms arise, which would have given her a more challenging time. In this instance, Iridology gave her a head-start and warning to stop smoking and improve her lifestyle immediately.



In the eye photo below, you will see a very dark orange ring just outside the pupil.  This reflects the toxicity of the patient’s digestive system. As our digestive system is like the engine of our body, not taking care of this will eventually lead to various serious illnesses such as cancer, digestive issues, skin problems and arthritis. As explained above when we see various darker colours that vary significantly from the natural colours of the eye, these are treated as warning signals that the patient is not as healthy as he or she thinks. They may be slim and look well built externally, however, the insides of their body may be deteriorating, even before symptoms arise.




Just like we service our vehicles and boilers at least once a year or go for dental check ups regularly, it is important for us to prioritise checking the state of our overall health by booking in for a non invasive Iridology consultation. Iridology is considered extremely safe as it does not employ any invasive procedures. In addition, everything that the Iridologist does is displayed on a monitor for the patient to see.  A recent young ten year old patient of ours, who was scared of needles and blood tests said that he was really happy to have this non invasive Iridology consultation which was needle free and not stressful. He was also delighted that we managed to spot and recommend areas of weaknesses that he could focus on, without having to visit hospitals and a more clinical environment.


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