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How Can Iridology Be Used To Improve Your Health?

Iridology is a non invasive treatment and alternative medicine approach that studies the patterns on the iris. The iris is the coloured part of your eye. These vary in colours depending on the ancestry and genetics of the person. Iridology is based on the theory that it is possible to assess the health and potential health issues by analysing the changes in structure, texture and colour of the iris and pupil of the eye. These marks and colours can show various conditions of the body’s tissues and levels of toxicity in the body. These change over time depending on the person’s lifestyle and exposure to stress and how the person deals with various events  in their lives.


Holistic health practitioners use Iridology as a tool to analyse the overall constitution or resiliency of each individual. It also gives an insight into areas of strengths and weaknesses that have been inherited. Iridology can therefore help identify potential or root causes of problems, even when specific symptoms have not yet occurred. Iridology may reveal organs that are under or over performing and those that are under stress.


To learn more about How Iridology Can Be Used To Improve Your Health, watch our interview at your convenience. In particular, look out for the real life testimonials of our Iridology Success Stories.



One our our greatest life changing Iridology Success Stories was that of a young nurse who suffered from migraines for over ten years. She went to three of the so called best surgeons in the United Kingdom, Belgium and France. All unanimously told her after taking scans that she had a tumour in her brain which was causing those migraines and she required very expensive and dangerous surgery on her brain!  Thankfully, she chose to try Iridology as her last resort and we discovered that the “tumour” the three surgeons had discovered was actually toxicity in her brain caused by years of eating lots of highly processed foods because she had not made the effort after a long day at work to eat better. We managed to reduce the severity and frequency of her migraines within days of her following our recommendations and she was fully migraine free after several weeks. She is now still free from migraines after five years.


You may have heard that our gut is equivalent to the engine of our body. Keep your gut healthy and you will be healthy. The food, drink, medication and supplements we consume, together with the air we breathe is equivalent to the fuel we put into our body. Keep it natural and nutritious and our body will remain healthier for longer. Sadly, most of us have not looked after our health adequately at some points in our lives. This may have been caused by the environment we were brought up in, which may be beyond our control especially when we are younger and dependent on others or poorer lifestyle choices made, even when we are independent.


Someone who is stressed will often binge eat and, or eat non nutritious comfort foods such as highly processed foods which can lead to problems in the Digestive System. A fermenting digestive system is shown by the brown, orange and yellow colours in this blue eye. Symptoms include burning reflux, bloating and heartburn soon after eating carbohydrates. The person may notice the passing of undigested food in the stool. This is caused by imbalanced gastric secretions and pancreatic enzymes. Symptoms may be exacerbated by excessive intake of starchy foods. These undigested foods are also caused by fast eating whilst multitasking and not chewing each mouthful of foods adequately before swallowing.


Iridology can detect these problems in the digestive area and pinpoint exactly which part of the large intestines or colon or other organs that are more affected. Solutions can then be recommended to resolve these problem areas.


Stress rings or contraction furrows, are visible in this photo on the left. It is easier to spot with the naked eye in lighter colour irises such as blue, hazel or light brown irises.

The dark spokes that radiate like spokes in a wheel are called radii solaris. Radii Solaris means rays of the sun. These are more visible in the superior iris area, representing the head zone. Symptoms of someone with these signs include headaches and nerve weaknesses in associated areas. Persons with radii solaris often suffer from poor sleep as a result of their stress and inability to switch off to get quality or adequate sleep.

By detecting these stress rings using Iridology, once again, natural remedies can be recommended to resolve the problem areas, including helping the person to be more calm and relaxed. It is important to discover stress using non invasive techniques such as Iridology as often the person may not be aware of or display signs of stress, depression or anxiety. This is often the case with younger children where parents or guardians do not expect children to be stressed so early in life. If this is not addressed, it could lead to irrational behaviour or decisions that may cause harm in the longer term.

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