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Health Benefits of Avocados

This is the final stretch of the Breakfast Show and there’s no other better person to put the cherry on the cake on a Wednesday than the one and only Ronald.


We’re going to be going through our extensive wellness section. Now guys, if you don’t know, Ronald has had like, over 50 years experience in terms of being in nutrition and, you know, he’s got a lot under his belt so when he shares stuff with us, he’s researched stuff and he’s gone in and out through the loopholes in and out the earlobe, you know, I mean, he’s done all kinds of stuff and he’s gonna be sharing some very powerful stuff with us today. So take a note of this. So what are we going to be looking at today, Ronald?



It’s very appropriate that what I’m going to talk about today is going to have a lot to do with mental disorders. Because I watch the news on certain channels and I have noticed this pattern where there’s a lot of young people and also middle aged people, and probably older people, and because they’re trapped and locked down, they establish suffering quite severely because of the length of the lockdown and this mental disorder and start to hallucinate, all kinds of things on so it came to mind that what they needed to do is to understand the sort of food they could eat, that would benefit their mind.


We’ve made the synapsis and all the wiring that goes on in the brain, millions and millions and millions of fibers in the brain that could work better and lift their mood. So in other words, instead of being worried about being mentally worried about deficiency, or this or lack of income, or whatever, this particular food is going to help their mind to be more positive. And that fruit is an avocado.


So we’re looking at food to help us with our thoughts and our mind.


Over the last 50 years I’ve been in many countries and I’ve watched the way that people spell the avocado in the food shop, and I’ve seen “avocado” which is correct. I’ve seen “avocardo” that’s wrong. And I’ve also seen it shortened to “Avos”.In Ghana
they just call them Pears. That’s also what they are known as in America but they are not pears..


Originally, it is thought that the avocado originates from the Incas. In South America, that’s where they came from.. They started to be cultivated by the Incas many many years ago. Then the Spanish got hold of it, and they started to spread it and now avocados have grown in Australia, in the South of Africa, in Mauritius, in California, it is grown in many parts of the world.
Benefits of avocado


Let’s look at the benefits. The avocado is known as a fruit but it really can be used as a fruit or a vegetable. You know, it’s one of those foods that can be eaten, as part of a protein enhancement with foods. You can use it as a mind feeder.


The reason why it’s so effective is, it is one of those rare fruits that contains up to 20 vitamins and minerals, which is a lot. For example, when we look at say bananas, the main component is potassium which is valuable. But the avocado has 20 vitamins and minerals and it contains twice the amount of potassium compared to the banana.


The avocado comes in many forms and sizes from about an inch and a half long to about six inches long. In parts of Nigeria, they are six inches long. Same in Brazil, if you eat one of those big ones, you are full for about six hours. Depending on the time of the season, you will see them between an inch and a half long, up to six inches long.


There are about four to six different types of avocados. I’ll give you an idea of the 20 vitamins and minerals. Potassium is one. It’s got Selenium. Selenium has been proven to be anti cancer. Potassium is excellent for the heart and for the brain. And then you’ve got magnesium, calcium, and a big series of essential fats.


Asked to choose between butter fat from a cow and fat from the avocados, I would take the avocado fat anytime. In nutrition we know the avocado as nature’s butter. Butter from the cow is not really healthy for you. Calves have been bred with all the chemicals.


So you’ve got all these minerals like selenium,, potassium, calcium, and so on and you have even got some rare silica depending on where the avocado is grown. Silica, which is anti cancer and anti tumor. And then, of course on top of that one of the most important one is the amount of essential fatty acids that an avocado contains. So if you have a small avocado like say an inch and a half long, every day, your mind will be so sharp after six to eight months in the amazing.


You’ve got avocados that can be from 1.5 inches to 6.5 inches long. So if you take the small, which is about one and a half inches long and about one inch wide. If you consume one avocado for at least 6 months, your brain will be rejuvenated by about 10 years.
Avocado’s & Dementia


What is of concern to me is that every week or every fortnight you’ll see a newspaper article, often on the front page, that people are losing their homes to dementia. They are talking about in the next 20 years, people who are turning 70 or above, one in three will get dementia.


People don’t realise it but Dementia requires care around the clock. So somebody with dementia, I’ve seen it. They can put fire to the house at two o’clock in the morning.


The Dementia is so powerful, they wake up, they fall asleep, they leave the gas on, leave the electricity on, leave the lights on and they forget where the car is. When somebody gets advanced dementia, they need about two or three carers per day.


The carers get worn out as they work 12 hour days to care for the dementia person. So each carer works like eight hours each. That is a lot of economic demand for that person, who ends up having to sell the house after 4 or 5 years. You could have dementia for 20 years so it pays to eat this avocado now whilst you can.


I must say the avocados have gone a bit more pricey because the demands are so high in the last five years. The good news is that there are more countries growing them now, like Nigeria, Nicaragua, Chile, Italy, Spain, France, California and Australia.


Australia has got some really big ones about six inches long. So I emphasise the power of essential fatty acids to feed the brain because once you let yourself go down, and you go down the dementia route, if you don’t fix it straight away, it gets worse and worse and worse and worse.


By eating an avocado every day, or at least every second day, you certainly are going to help your brain to be in really good shape. I make sure I eat an avocado every day. I make sure I include it in my salad.



Avocado Recipe

If you want an avocado to give you even more essential fatty acids, you cut the avocado in pieces. Then you put a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil with it.



I’m going to give you one of my favorite recipes. I love it. I’ll get what you call a fajita, which is like soft bread. I get three of those and I lay two down and I put lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, coriander and some oregano. I put a bit of salmon with it and then I put olive oil on top of that and the avocado slices and I wrap them up.


I put chilli. Chilli goes well with avocado. You’ve got about five to eight thirds like the parsley, oregano, coriander and you put it in the wrap, bend forward and enjoy.


You use three of these fajitas to wrap it up so two is a base for all this stuff in and then the third one to wrap it up. Season with Himalayan Sea Salt or Sel de Guerande from France. Himalayan Salt is from the Himalayas.

Avocado for the Thyroid

You can put about a quarter of a teaspoon of Sel de Guerande in it and it adds a lot more flavour and also you get the iodine which helps your thyroid. The thyroid has got a lot to play with the mental issues.


The key mineral for the Thyroid is iodine so when you eat the sel de guerande, not so much from the Himalayan salt as this is salt from the mountains. The sel de guerande comes from the North Sea, the west coast of France. That is very high in Iodine.


In our clinic, we test people for thyroid malfunction and we often see the whole thyroid is not working, or the left is not working or the right is not working. We put them on seaweed and the sel de guerande and within about three to six weeks or a bit more, the thyroid is stabilizing constantly.


Avocados go down very well with cucumber with the skin on because the cucumber is cooling and then you’ve got the fiber from the cucumber and then you’ve got the chlorophyll, which is the green colour. In the avocado, you’ve got lutein as well and lycopene, which is effectively very, very important for the eyes.


Ronald is showing us that food is our natural medicine and if we get things done right, we can avoid a lot of the challenges that we are facing. I mean, look at all these 20 vitamins and minerals and he broke it down. This is like a roadmap for health in an avocado and he made it fancy with a few ingredients to make it more powerful for us.


There is no excuse for this generation. You have loaded us with so much good, potent, powerful stuff for our brain, for us to become more useful, most productive to have a new beginning despite what may be happening, you know, to have that good positive and wholesome focus and you showed us what to do with the tents, these bodies that we’re living in and how to fortify it.


Avocado on toast is healthy as well.as long as it’s not white bread.


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