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How To Heal Psoriasis With Your Mindset

In this video, you’re going to learn how to take steps to create the environment where you can start to heal your Psoriasis, no matter how long you’ve been suffering from it. Watch and read further to learn the importance of a healthy and positive mindset to maintain great health.



To give you confidence, we have been in Wellness Practice for a long, long time, over 40 plus years. And so far we’ve helped Psoriasis patients in 23 countries, ranging from Africa to Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Ireland, USA, and so on and so on.


You’d be amazed how Psoriasis is so prevalent amongst so many people. Somebody will know someone who had psoriasis. And some of it, of course, will be quite severe.


We did a case in the UK two and a half years ago. The lady had been suffering from Psoriasis, very severe Psoriasis from top to bottom for about 43 years, and she had been to 31 doctors, 7 skin specialists and nothing worked.


So one of the keys, one of the very key things we’ve picked up on Psoriasis, right from the word go. Well, because the Psoriasis is so visible, you see the skin’s cracking, you see this, it’s gone grey silver, it’s itching, it’s very, very visible.


If you’re not covered you’ll see, it’s on your face, your scalp, on the arms, the legs and because of that, it creates an enormous emotional impact on the sufferer of Psoriasis.


So the first thing I’ve taught Psoriasis patients to do is that, when you’re suffering that badly from Psoriasis is that you have to change your mind from being emotionally disturbed from people looking at you, making remarks about you and one of the key things is to understand that the emotion that you have must be changed.



It must be changed from a negative emotion to a positive emotion and one of the surest ways to do that is to create a Vision Board. And I say that again, a Vision Board where you place a role model on the Vision Board and as a result, you watch the Vision Board, you go past it four or five times a day and you say “That’s me”.


So for example, I mentioned a magazine for example. This one, this is a young lady who is from Iraqi American nationality. She’s 35 years old and she’s got incredibly good skin for that age. So you would put a cover of that magazine on the Vision Board.


You can create a unique vision board with just that and then as you go past it, you’d say, “That’s me”, five times times a day, “That’s me”. Now, every time your brain goes, “That’s me”, you are creating the environment and the emotional impact that you need to then start making inroads into other things to create the environment to heal the Psoriasis.


So Vision Board with this one first And then the next one we’ll do, we’ll be explaining about the next steps you can take, How to heal your Psoriasis.


This is a very unique approach. I don’t see too many practitioners understand the vision board mentality because at the key of everything is emotion to turn your negative thinking to a positive thinking so you start healing your Psoriasis.

Thank you for listening.



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