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How To Heal Psoriasis With Vegetables

In this video on how to heal your Psoriasis, we are going to cover another subject that’s important as one of the tools to create the environment where your Psoriasis is going to heal much faster than using a normal type of food operation.



Now, over the years, we’ve worked for about 23 years, we’ve used many, many approaches, including Herbs, and so on and one of the best combinations, which people don’t understand, but I’m gonna give you an exact proportion, exactly what you need to do.


Vegetable Juice For Psoriasis


You need to get yourself either a Magimix blender which is a complete blender, a Champion blender, or a NutriBullet. These are very, very good blenders that can blend your vegetables or fruits and so on so then you can drink that on a regular basis. And that would be like in turn an additional cleansing of the body. 


Celery For Psoriasis


So one of my favourites to treat Psoriasis is this. First thing first, is the Organic Celery. Now, what’s important is that it is very important to understand that organic celery is a key here, not ordinary celery, so I’m going to read from a very eminent book from America, about celery.


Have a listen to this. The Environmental Working Group, a consumer advocate in protection, non-profit research organisation, puts celery on a 2003 list of 12 foods most contaminated with pesticides. Very telling! So celery is in the list of 12 most contaminated with pesticides. 

Now celery is an excellent vegetable, but I strongly advise you to buy Organic Celery. Why people get caught is because the normal celery is cheaper. The Organic Celery costs about twice the price and we’ll probably get less of it.  Look at the size, that’s an organic one. 


By using about four to six stalks a day, that becomes medicinal. Remember, focus on getting organic celery. That’s one. Remember that you need to do that because you don’t want to get extra pesticides in your body you’re already riddled with pesticides from your normal food. That’s why you’re getting extra Psoriasis. You need to understand that organic is a way to go. 


Carrots For Psoriasis


Now what to add with four stalks of Celery, these are Organic Carrots.  I add in two or three of those and that’s the second item I use. That also provides you with beta carotene which is excellent for skin reproduction and eyes.

Ginger For Psoriasis


And last but not least in this particular juicing system, this is old ginger, you can tell that it’s old skin. I buy the ones that also have the new stem. This means that it’s alive. I use about this much, wash the skin and juice the ginger, the organic celery, four to five stalks and two to four carrots.


That is a brilliant combination because what you’re getting is the gingerol, which is a strong antioxidant on the ginger. You’re getting the carrot with beta carotene and vitamin A. You’re getting from the celery,  phytonutrients which is a higher level nutrition plan that you extract from plants. On top of that even more important, it contains the micro minerals trace mineral called silica. 


Now be careful you got silicone which is the building material that you make for plumbing, but this is silica. Now silica is known in nutritional circles that understand it as the cutter. In other words, if you’ve got dried skin, if you’ve got split skin, it starts to shred that like a blade, cutting naturally and that’s what a silica is used for.


Organic celery is grown in a mixture of peat, composting and sand. So when you grow in that way, that’s where you’re going organic, that means you’ve got no pesticides and you’re getting a strong amount of silica. 


We have seen experiments where you buy an ordinary celery, the silica is almost non existent. And that’s a big integral part of cutting the skin, the rubbish of the skin inside and outside. It’s not with a scalpel, it’s cut naturally with the silica and what happens with the result is, very quickly your skin starts to recover. So that’s the first thing you’ve got to do as far as juicing goes.


We have got other things we will be talking about in other videos. Thank you for listening for now. 



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