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Conditions Iridology Can Detect

Iridology is the science of analysing the iris of the eye and this is the coloured part of the eye. This is the coloured part of the eye that is the round circular, right around the pupil. Most people’s irises are brown, dark brown or blue. Iridology was first made popular in 1881 by Dr Ignatz Von Peczley in his book “Discoveries in the Field of Natural Science and Medicine”.



Iridologists us an Iridology chart to analyse the right and left eye. We recommend you contact us to discover further, how we can help you with your health concerns or detection of health issues prior to sypmtoms arising. When you visit a normal Doctor or Surgeon, one of the first questions they may ask you is ” What is Wrong With You?” Have you ever wondered why a Professional or Specialists would ask you, the patient this question, when it its their role to tell you what is wrong with you. When you have an Iridology Consultation with us, unless you have already been diagnosed with an illness, you will never find us asking “What is Wrong With You” since Iridology can detect many conditions without the patient having to inform us.



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Conditions Iridology Can Detect include :




Iridology can detect early signs of potential health concerns including cancer. We may not be able to tell for sure that the markings in the eye indicate cancer so we will recommend you follow up with further specific cancer marker tests.  We did a case where a stranger who was a chain smoker for many years turned up at one of our event kiosks. As it was only a short 15 minutes taster session, we were not aware of the person’s lifestyle or health history. However a lacuna, which is a tear shaped mark was very distinct in the person’s right lung. She had no symptoms of cancer, however we asked her to get further testing for cancer done. She returned to thank us later saying the lung cancer was only 3 months old. Had she carried on without any check up, it may have been 10 to 15 years later before symptoms arise and this would give her less fighting chance and opportunity to improve her lifestyle.





In the pupil of a Diabetic or Potential Diabetic, there is what Iridologists call a “Sugar Mark” which is a dark mark either partly or all around it. It is difficult or impossible to spot with the naked eye. However, with the use of modern Iridology cameras, digital photos taken can be expanded to see these marks. We will then ask the person to do independent blood tests to confirm further the severity of the Diabetes or potential Diabetes. Once again, by spotting the health concern sooner, lifestyle changes can be implemented sooner for faster recovery and results.



Digestive Issues


Discolourations around the pupil can indicate problems in the digestive system such as a clogged or lazy colon. Most people, even those who are slim may be constipated and Iridology can detect this.



Immune System Weaknesses


Weaknesses in the immune system can be spotted early. Our immune system can be weakenned at any time due to unhealthy eating habits and or living in a polluted environment, both physically and mentally. Being in a negative environment and relationship that is causing you to be angry, frustrated, scared, stressed or unhappy can affect your immune system. When these weaknesses are spotted using Iridology, immune system boosting regimens can be recommended so that the immune system is strenghtened and minimises one being susceptible to illnesses.





Most illnesses and diseases are caused by inflammation of various organs. Indicators of inflammation can be spotted via Iridology and it is important to detect inflammation early to avoid further health problems.



Liver and Gallbladder Weaknesses


In the iris and also the sclera, which is the whites of the eyes, weaknesses in the liver can be detected. Liver weaknesses are not always caused solely from drinking alchohol. Our liver can be affected by pollution, excess consumption of the wrong foods and drinks and also negative emotions such as anger, depression and frustration. Diseases such as fatty liver can also be spotted via Iridology. Everyone, even young children will have liver weaknesses in certain times or all times of their life. By detecting liver weakness early, appropriate recommendations can be made to strengthen the liver and reverse the weaknesses.


Likewise the whites of the eye may show yellowing, which are signs of jaundice, caused by gallbladder and bile duct issues. These issues can ultimately affect the functioning of the liver if appropriate action is not taken.



Lymphatic Health


Most blue eyed people have weaknesses in the lymphatic health. This can easily be detected via markings in the eyes using Iridology.



Thyroid Weaknesses


Many suffer from either an overactive or underactive thyroid, which affects their mood and energy levels. Detecting this early via Iridology can prevent a lot of inconvenience, time and also costs trying various solutions that may not address the root cause of the problem. Hyperthyroidism is caused by an overactive thyroid, resulting in eyes that appear to bulge slightly. Hyperthyroidism can cause symptoms such as fatigue, weight loss, sleep problems, rapid heartbeat and anxiety.



Hypertension or High Blood Pressure


The presence of a ring, normally grey or opaque in colour, around the iris can be indicative of high blood pressure. High blood pressure is evidenced by a slow metabolism. If left undetected early, hypertension can lead to significant health concerns.



High Cholesterol & Arteriosclerosis



Arteriosclerosis occurs when the blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients from your heart to the rest of your body (arteries) become thick and stiff.  A White Ring circling the irus can be indicative of both high cholesterol and arteriosclerosis.



You may wish to use Iridology as a non-invasive way of indicating where health concerns may lie. Whilst Iridology cannot necessarily diagnose diseases, it is very useful to have a head start knowledge re where potential weakenesses are.



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