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Health Benefits of Fruit and Vegetable Juice

Fruits and vegetables are great to eat.  However, it is often more convenient to drink fruit and/or vegetable juice. For example, when you are busy at work or commuting and are unable to chew properly. It is also beneficial for those who have issues with chewing, either because of dental problems or when one is unwell. Do you know the Health Benefits of drinking Juice? Read to learn more.


Cranberry Juice

This is the liquid juice of the cranberry.  It has a very tart taste, which is why most commercially pressed cranberry juice has added sugar and other fruit juices to make it more palatable.


Cranberry juice is rich in Vitamin C. It therefore strengthens the immune system and helps your body fight against oxidative stress from free radicals. It also helps kill harmful bacteria and therefore helps to prevent infection. Cranberry juice may promote heart health and improve blood sugar control. Vitamin C helps boost our collagen production which in turn improves the elasticity of our skin. Collagen production helps to carry oxygen and nutrients to the skin that makes our skin glow, remain soft and firm.


Cranberry juice is excellent for treating any infection of the urinary tract. Women are more likely to develop Urinary Tract Infection because they have a shorter urethra. Cranberry juice will serve as a natural barrier against urinary tract infections especially if you are sexually active.


The best time to drink the juice is before sleeping as it is extremely high in melatonin, the sleep hormone.



Cherry Juice

Cherries are an excellent source of iron and potassium. It is refreshingly delicious and may help recovery post-exercise. It helps maintain blood pressure and digestion. It is also beneficial for those who suffer from gout.


Cherry juice can reduce pain and inflammation from osteoarthritis. As it is also high in Vitamin C, it has a significant impact on strengthening our immune system. Like cranberries, cherries also contain melatonin which helps you relax and sleep better.



Please learn from our TV interview recorded a few years ago at a Health Food Store in London.




Beetroot Juice

This is also an excellent source of iron. The beet is a sweet root vegetable. Most people dislike beetroot because of the colour stains from getting into contact with it. However, if you put aside this natural colour, which is good for us, you will want to consume it for its various superfood benefits. Just bear in mind, when you consume beetroot juice, your urine and stools may turn red or pinkish. This is called beeturia and harmless, though it may startle you if you dont expect it.


Beet juice helps boost physical performance and stamina. The rich colour from betalains, which are water-soluble antioxidants may help prevent cancer. It is also a good source of folate, which is Vitamin B that helps decrease the risk of having a premature baby or baby with birth defects.


Artichoke Juice


Artichokes are a nutritious vegetable related to the milk thistle. It contain powerful nutrients, including Vitamin C and folate. It may lower bad LDL cholesterol and increase good HDL cholesterol. Artichokes contain luteolin, an antioxidant which prevents cholesterol formation.


Artichoke juice may aid high blood pressure. It is a good source of potassium which helps regulate blood pressure.


Artichokes increases the production of bile, which helps remove harmful toxins from our liver. This may help prevent non-alcoholic fatty liver disease caused by inflammation. It also helps with bladder infections.



Carrot Juice

This is very beneficial for your eyes and healthy glowing skin. It is extracted from whole carrots and is naturally sweet. It is highly nutritious especially high in Vitamin A which is vital for eye health. It can therefore reduce the risk of blindness and age related eye diseases. The Vitamin C in carrot juice will also protect immune cells from free radical damage. Certain components in carrot juice may protect against cancer and reduce the risk factors for heart disease.


Whilst consuming fruit and vegetable juices is convenient, it should not be your main method of consuming fruits and vegetables. This is because when we drink juice, we may be gulping the liquids down or drinking it in a rush. This causes indigestion when we do not give our saliva glands the proper chance to mix with the juice. Furthermore, unless you juice and drink the liquid fresh, the juice may have oxidised if you leave it exposed for too long.


Consuming a glass of juice daily does help towards your daily fruit and vegetable intake. It will also help with your fibre intake, which will benefit your digestion and also those suffering from constipation. If time permits, it is best to juice your fruit and vegetables fresh. For most who are time poor, do stock up on juice which is not from concentrate. This means the juice has been extracted whole and not processed and stripped of water or reconstituted with water.




Below are some recommended fruit and vegetable juice combinations and its health advantages to boost your body’s system and keep it strong and healthy. Do give these a try and by having variety, this will ensure you obtain a wide variety of nutrients each week and also not get bored of having the same combination of juices daily.

If you are preparing your own juice, ensure you include the skin as well as a lot of nutrients are directly under the skin of these fruits and vegetables.


Carrot, Ginger and Apple juice boosts and cleanses your immune system.

Apple, Cucumber and Organic Celery juice prevents cancer, eliminates stomach upsets and headache and reduces cholesterol.

Orange, Ginger and Cucumber juice moisturises the skin, reduces body heat and improves skin texture.

Tomato, Carrot and Apple juice helps eliminate bad breath and improves skin complexion.

Pineapple, Watermelon and Apple juice nourishes the bladder and kidneys.

Apple, Cucumber and Kiwi juice hydrates the body, improves skin health

Carrot, Apple and Pear juice reduces blood pressure.

Honeydew, Grape and Watermelon juice helps to hydrate the body and strengthens the immune system.

Bittergourd and Apple juice helps to detoxify the body and strengthens the liver.




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