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Health Insights Iridology Can Reveal

You may have heard that the eyes are the window to the soul. However, did you know your eyes can reveal a lot more about your physical health? You may be amazed that some Doctors, Chiropractors and other Health Practitioners are aware of this science called Iridology and Sclerology. You may recall visiting your General Practitioner prior to 1980, where the Doctor would ask you to open your mouth to allow him or her to have a look and also check your eyes.



Prior to the invention and advancement of the use of Iridology Digital Cameras, Iridologists, Doctors and other Practitioners would use a magnifying glass and a torch to look into your eyes. The downside to this is, it takes a lot longer to analyse and there is no physical record of the Practitioner’s findings and no means to compare progress during follow up check ups. With the Digital Cameras, clear photos can be taken and kept on the patient’s file. The patient can see their eye photos and understand better what the Practioner sees and why certain nutrition is recommended.



Watch the recording of our TV interview when a popular Sky TV channel visited our clinic in East London a few years ago.






Iridologists refer to an Iridology Chart, which is a chart that has been designed after the study of over one million pairs of eyes worldwide. It enables the conditions of every organ in the body to be checked. This includes the brain, eyes, ears, nose, hands, heart, liver, lungs, reproductive organs, digestive system, skin and feet. Iridology therefore enables a detailed analysis of someone’s physical, mental and emotional health. Iridology is therefore a non invasive health check and highly recommended at least once a year, similar to our servicing of our vehicles and boilers annually. It provides an overall health assessment and when you visit a practice like ours that recommend solutions as well, we can then recommend lifestyle changes including the environment you expose yourself to, foods and drinks consumed, supplements or medication taken and also how to manage emotional and physical health.



For patients with serious health concerns, follow up check ups are highly recommended a few times a year to enable positive or negative changes to be monitored. This will enable to Practitioner to alter their previous recommendations and suggest new or alternative ways for the patient to improve their health.



Iridology can also determine potential health concerns, prior to symptoms arising. For example, we have managed to detect cancer at least 10 years earlier and this earlier detection gives the patient a far better chance of survival when appropriate action is taken years earlier. When we share this example, sometimes we get the response such as “I would prefer NOT to know sooner”.  This is like saying, you are going on a long drive on the motorway or countryside without wanting to do a general check or service of your vehicle first.



Iridology helps to assess a patient’s rest quality, for example, you may be sleeping many hours daily however your sleep quality is not effective. It also helps to assess a patient’s breathing patterns such as if one is allowing sufficient oxygen into their body or if they are a shallow breather. The quality of the patient’s nutrition and absorption thereof can also be assessed. Most people think they can still get all the required nutrition directly from food. What they do not realise or know is most soil where food, even organic is planted may be depleted of nutrients and minerals. Furthermore, by the time it reaches our plate, from harvesting, to the shops, to our homes and then till we consume it, most of the nutrients may be destroyed. This also applies to organic produce as there is still a time delay between harvest to our consuming the produce. This is where Nutritionists such as us would recommend taking top quality supplements in addition to eating well.



When you visit a clinic such as ours that also practice Sclerology, which is the study of the sclera or whites of the eyes, we can also detect further weakeness in organs such as the liver. Inflammation of the capillaries is a sign of shortage of Vitamin C. We can also detect certain foods that are causing you irritation.



The eyes can also reveal body stiffness and memory loss. This is shown by a greyish ring in parts of the iris and in very severe cases, all round the iris. You may normally observe this in older people and also in animals.


Some patients also have pterygium in their eyes, which is a mushroom like growth in the eye. Depending on the size, it may affect one’s vision if it blocks the pupil. Most Surgeons would recommend surgery to remove it, which is costly and also dangerous. However, when you visit more experienced and knowledgeable Practitioners like us, we can show you a natural and pain free way of removing the pterygium and preventing this from growing back.



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