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Benefits of Iridology

Iridology is the study of the coloured part of the eye, called iris. These can be in various colours such as blue, green and brown, depending on your genetic make up. Most Caucasians will have blue eyes, whereas those from African or Asian descendants would have either green or brown irises.



Before modern iridology cameras were invented, this study was done using a torch and magnifying glass to see the markings in the iris. It was a lot more challenging and the downside includes having to shine the torch into the person’s eye many times. The patient was also unable to see what the Iridologist saw and even when this was drawn out, it is not the same as looking at a more accurate photograph. Despite many people saying they have never heard of Iridology, those who are in their 40s and older may recall going to their Doctors all those years ago where General Practitioners would shine a torch to look into our mouths and eyes.



The iris, being circular like a clock, shows existing and potential weaknesses in various organs in our body, including the liver, gallbladder, heart, lungs and pancreas. It took many years and detailed study of over one million pairs of eyes to design the Iridology Chart, similar to the one shown below.



Iridology is a non invasive way to detect signs of developing illnesses or disease at their earliest stages even before symptoms arise. It is a great way to detect potential health issues and act on it before it becomes worse. We have in some cases manage to detect potential signs of cancer at least 10 years in advance and this gives the patient a much greater head start in addressing the illness and therefore a greater chance of survival and also better quality of life without suffering symptoms that may only show up another 10 years later.



Iridology can help determine many health markers, including your constitutional strengths and weaknesses, areas of injury, inflammation or degeneration. It also helps to determine nutritional deficiencies, accumulation of toxins and even emotional issues. Our health is determined by genetics, the environment and the actions we take. By identifying our genetic weaknesses, we can then, where possible and practical change the environment we live in and also take other actions that will benefit our health, such as eating healthier, sleeping better, having a positive environment and support and also learning how to deal with stress from various sources.




The unique colours, colour tones, markings and structure of your irise can reveal important information about your physical, mental and emotional state of health. For example, someone who is stressed may disguise it well. However, the stress markings show up in the eyes and also show which specific organs are affected more so that priority treatment can be given accordingly.



An Iridology consultation is simple, painless and non-invasive. Modern day Iridology cameras enable as many digital photos to be taken to enable the clearest photos of the iris. When you visit clinics like ours who also specialise in Sclerology, which is the study of the whites of the eyes, we also analyse these at no additional cost and this gives a more in depth analysis of your existing health.



The findings from Iridology are immediate, unlike other clinical tests which may take days or months before you have access to the results and findings. Therefore, you have a headstart. When you visit clinics like ours, we also provide you with recommended solutions you can implement immediately such as exercise, abstaining from certain foods, eating more of certain foods and taking top quality supplements to supplement your new healthier lifestyle.



Iridology can also be a glimpse into the condition of external processes that are otherwise difficult to gauge such as degeneration, congestion, toxicity and levels of acidity. Most illnesses are a result of over acidity and toxicity in the body. Often, due to incorrect information, naturally slim people are thought to be healthier. We have however come across persons who have nice physiques who are equally as toxic. They tend to get away from any symptoms during their younger years due to a stronger genetic heritage. However, as time goes by, if left undetected, they too will become ill or show signs of toxicity especially via their skin. This is because our skin is our largest organ and the vehicle for our body to naturally try to remove toxins from within our body.



Iridology can be used as the starting point of preventative health care. The colours of our irises changes over time depending on the levels of toxicity and healing. This is why we recommend follow up consultations so that new photos are taken and compared with previous photos. These changes are difficult to spot with the naked eye and most of us are aware, when we are too close to someone and see them regularly, we find it harder to notice changes compared to when we have not seen the person for a few weeks, months or years.



Iridology can improve vibrancy, energy levels and even brain fog which many people suffer from these days, even those who are teenagers or slightly older. If you have never had an Iridology consultation or are overdue for a follow up check up, we highly recommend you book in urgently. Your health is your most valuable wealth so give priority to it over other material things and fame which most people focus on.



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