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What Is An Iridology Chart?

Iridology is the study of the patterns and colours on the iris of the eye. The Iris is the coloured part of the eye. Iris means Rainbow in Greek. Iridology enables a person’s overall health condition to be determined. It is a non-invasive method of viewing the iris to determine existing or potential health issues. Iridologists use iridology charts to make these observations. These Iridology charts have been created after observation of a variety of irises over the years. Each marking and zone in the iris represents a different aspect or organ of the human body.



An Iridology Chart is in the shape of the eye, with cross connections to the body’s organs.  Iridology was developed by a Hungarian physician, Dr. Ignatz von Peczely in 1861. An owl who had a broken leg, displayed a mark in the 6 o’clock area of its eye. As the owl’s leg healed, the mark in the eye area disappeared. Iridologists are able to analyse the level of toxin accumulation, chemical imbalances, inflammation and health issues caused by negative emotions and stress. Iridology enables the uncovering of genetic weaknesses and preempt future illnesses that may be apparent when reading the Iridology Chart.


Watch our short video to learn more about Iridology Charts.



In this Iridology chart of the Right Eye, you will note how various organs are positioned in specific areas of the iris, such as the feet at 6 o’clock position and the brain amd head area between 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock.


Iridology charts are used in alternative medicine to analyse a patient’s health by analysis of the eye or iris. In general, the top part of the eye corresponds with the upper half of the body and the bottom of the eye connects to the lower half of the body. Likewise the right eye reflects the right half of our body and the left eye reflects the left half of our body. The middle of the eye connects to the digestive area, in particular the small and large intestines. When organs are in pairs such as the liver, lungs and kidneys, they are represented by both right and left irises.



Over 30 years ago, most Doctors or General Practitioners would shine a torch light in your eye to examine it. Other Practitioners such as Chiropractors are aware of this method as well as even the spine has a position on the Iridology Chart.



Sadly, as more people require medical check ups and Doctors and other Practitioners became time poor, most limiting each appointment to under 10 minutes only and for one specific health concern only, the method of analysis was discarded as it requires attention to detail and more time. Time is required to examine the eyes or iris either using a magnifying glass and torch or using modern Iridology cameras. Explaining the major findings to the person and giving recommendations take a lot more than 10 minutes!



The use of Iridology Charts enables the root cause of each health concern to be found and treated accordingly. For example, in many cases we have dealt with, someone who has a problem with their hand may not require surgery on the hand as most “hand specialists” would recommend. Nor would taking painkillers or rubbing chemically medicated cream on the hand help resolve the problem for good or in the longer term. Often what we have proven is, the root cause may stem from negative emotions and stress or poor gut health. It is difficult for many to comprehend and this is where Iridology photos explain better as the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words.


Watch our short video testimonial where we saved a young nurse’s life several years ago when at least 3 Top Brain Specialists in the UK, France and Belgium all recommended she have brain surgery to eliminate the migraines she had been suffering for over 10 years. Thankfully, she consulted us as a matter of last resort and we proved that the migraines were caused by severe toxicity in her body, caused by lifestyle of consumption of poor qualty fast foods. Many years on, she now has a family of her own and that may not have been the case had she trusted the 3 Top Brain Specialists and proceeded with the expensive and very dangerous unnecessary surgery.





The Iris is able to retain and reveal past illnesses and injury. It also shows past intake of drugs or chemical medication that has not broken down or been eliminated from the body, even after many years. Weaknesses in the lungs caused by sadness or smoking can be revealed during an Iridology check up.


The left brain is linked to Logic and the right brain is linked to Imagination. Iridology can therefore discover a person’s natural talents and this may be useful in determining the strengths and weaknesses of a person in specific careers or hobbies they may excel in.



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