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What Can Iridology Do?

Iridology is the science of reading the iris of the eye. The Iris is the coloured part of the eye. Depending on your genetics passed down from your parents, grandparents and ancestors, your iris could be blue, light brown, hazel green, dark brown or black in colour.  Iridology is a non invasive treatment and alternative medicine approach that studies the patterns on the iris.  Iridology is based on the theory that it is possible to assess the health and potential health issues by analysing the changes in structure, texture and colour of the iris and pupil of the eye. These marks and colours can show various conditions of the body’s tissues and levels of toxicity in the body. These change over time depending on the person’s lifestyle and exposure to stress and how the person deals with various events  in their lives.



Using Iridology, we can see genetic and lifestyle weaknesses in various organs such as the lungs, kidneys, liver, thyroid and brain function. We can also see toxicity in the digestive system causing diseases such as skin problems, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. Holistic health practitioners use Iridology as a tool to analyse the overall constitution or resiliency of each individual. It also gives an insight into areas of strengths and weaknesses that have been inherited. Iridology can therefore help identify potential or root causes of problems, even when specific symptoms have not yet occurred. Iridology may reveal organs that are under or over performing and those that are under stress.


Diseases such as Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes can be detected. Iridology cannot confirm how serious the stage of Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes is. However, the markings warning of this disease can prompt the person to undergo more specific blood and other tests to confirm the Iridology findings.


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In this modern life, most of us are under stress from work, raising a family, taking care of dependents or other concerns. This may result in our eating more processed and fast foods which can lead to problems in the Digestive System. A fermenting digestive system is shown by the brown, orange and yellow colours in this blue eye. Symptoms include burning reflux, bloating and heartburn soon after eating carbohydrates. The person may notice the passing of undigested food in the stool. This is caused by imbalanced gastric secretions and pancreatic enzymes. Symptoms may be exacerbated by excessive intake of starchy foods.

By being aware of the levels of toxicity in the Digestive system, a proven system of effective detoxification can be recommended and followed and any discomfort relieved and dealt with naturally.


As Iridology can be accurate in detecting diseases or potential for diseases way before the symptoms arise, it is a highly recommended non invasive health check that every person should have at least once a year or more often if the person already has some health concerns. By having more frequent Iridology consultations, the progress of the patient over several weeks or months can be monitored more effectively as new Iridology photos are compared with the previous Iridology photos to see how the colours and markings in various parts of the eye has either improved or deteriorated. Tweaks in recommendations can then be made or in cases where the patient has not been disciplined or bothered to follow the earlier recommendations at all or properly, the new Iridology photos could act as a wake up call for the person to start taking their health more seriously before their health deteriorates even further.


Many are suffering silently from Depression, Anxiety and Stress. Often, these illnesses go undetected because the person is very good at suppressing their feelings or we are too busy  as parents or guardians to perhaps notice it in our loved ones. By having an Iridology consultation, these illnesses can be detected in the eyes and dealt with promptly and avoid more serious actions such as self harm, binge eating, attempted suicides or suicides.


When you realise the value of your health or that of your loved ones, you will seriously consider taking the time to have an Iridology consultation. We often prioritise other material things and pleasures, why not prioritise your health by giving Iridology a chance to prove what it can do.


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