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How Much Does Iridology Cost?

Iridology is a non invasive and alternative medicine treatment that studies the patterns on the iris. The iris is the coloured part of your eye. Iridology is based on the theory that it is possible to assess the health and potential health issues by analysing the changes in structure, texture and colour of the iris and pupil of the eye. These marks and colours can show various conditions of the body’s tissues and levels of toxicity in the body.



Iridology gives the holistic health practitioner a tool to analyse the overall constitution or resiliency of each individual. It also gives an insight into areas of strengths and weaknesses that have been inherited. Iridology can therefore help identify potential or root causes of problems, even when specific symptoms have not yet occured. Iridology may reveal organs that are under or over performing and those that are under stress.



When we reflect and remember how most Doctors used to deal with patients over 30 years ago, you may remember that the Doctor would firstly have more time to listen and assess your health and also shine a torch light into your eye to check it. Sadly, in this modern day, these practices have now been over looked due to time constraints and the norm of preferring to recommend fast relief chemical medication, which may be effective in masking the symptoms temporarily and also harming our bodies in the longer term.


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How much does Iridology cost? Once you appreciate that your health is far more important than the cost, you will then understand that you are investing in potentially life changing check up and recommendations for your health. The cost will depend on the time spent and also expertise and knowledge of the Practitioner providing the consultation, rather than merely taking eye photos. Watch our short video to learn more:




Some Iridologist may not have invested in modern cameras and equipment and still using a magnifying glass and torch only. This does not enable you to see what the Iridologist sees and even if the findings are described and drawn out for you, it is not as effective as seeing the eye photo for yourself.



When considering the cost and value of the consultation, you need to bear the above in mind and also the following factors:


1.How much time and care is the Iridologist prepared to spend to help you achieve your Wellness goals? Most Medical Doctors, who are not trained Iridologists are restricted to spending only 10 minutes per patient.  In the UK, Medical Doctors are paid around £100 per appointment, which lasts maximum 10 minutes and only deals with one health concern. If for example, you have 3 areas of health concern, you will have to book three separate appointments. Even worse, if you are the carer or guardian of the person with the health concern, this means at least two persons, having to take time off for 3 separate appointments, of which the Medical Practitioner would earn 3 x £100 = £300 for 30 minutes time spent! This works out to £600 per hour.



When you have a consultation at a clinic such as ours, we spend at least 90 to 120 minutes for the initial consultation. It is very comprehensive as we go through your food, drinks, medication and supplements intake (as relevant) and recommend improvements. We then take photographs of both eyes and analyse our findings with you. We also give you a copy of your eye photos and recordings of the main consultation so that you can share with loved ones or refer back as required.


2. After consultation support. Most Professionals charge extra every time you call or communicate with them. Our service is all inclusive and we provide ongoing support, the duration of which starts from a week and extended duration depends on the package you have purchased. We have found that this unlimited ongoing support helps the patient achieve the best and fastest results which is our priority.



3. Produce recommended. Whilst food, drinks and supplements recommended is payable separately from the Iridology consultation fees, when you visit a clinic such as ours, which also has a cared for organic garden, you will be given fresh produce that will contribute towards your health. We constantly spend time and resources ensuring all our organic produce is rich in various minerals.  The generous bag of fresh herbal tea leaves, bay leaves and vegetables and fruits in season, all of which are organic would easily be valued at at least £50.


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Remember to give priority to your health as we only have one life. Many of us spend a lot more going on holiday and investing in the latest technology or material items. All these, we will not be able to enjoy to the fullest if we are unwell. When we take care of our health and give it the priority it deserves, we will then enjoy material items, holidays and quality time much more.


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