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Does Iridology Work?

Iridology is the study of the patterns and colours on the iris of the eye. This enables the Iridologist to determine information about a person’s overall health. Iridology charts are used to make these observations. The chart is divided into multiple zones, each zone represents a different organ or aspect of the human body.


There are many who do not believe in Iridology. This is because they have either never tested or experienced it themselves and are just relying and reacting from hearsay or every negative thing they have access to or they may be threatened by the usefulness and effectiveness of Iridology. Over 30 years ago, if you ever visited a Doctor, you will recall the Doctor making the time to look into your eyes with a torchlight. Even Opticians and Eye Specialists are aware of the powers and accuracy of what our eyes can reveal about our health.


Some more knowledgeable Chiropractors are also aware of Iridology and use this to detect the area of the spine that requires adjustment. In the Iridology Chart, there are specific areas that show the main sections of the spinal cord, which are the Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, Sacral and Coccyx.


Watch our short video recording to learn how Ronald got involved in Iridology.



Most of our successful patients come to us after they have tried and failed trying to find solutions to their health. They then realise that, often the fast results chemical medication is not the long term and permanent solution because these “get well or out of pain fast” methods rarely address the root cause of the problem. For example, most diseases are caused by inflammation or an over acidic body. By using Iridology, we can pinpoint specific organs that are stressed and contributing to the discomfort or disease.


Many people do not think or forget that what they consume in terms of negative or positive comments, negative or positive news, food, drinks, medication, supplements and even the creams and perfumes they use on their body will affect their mental and physical health. It is therefore very important that we are mindful of what goes in and is absorbed by our minds and body.


Iridology can detect specific weaknesses in various organs. In particular, weaknesses in our digestive system is the main cause of most illnesses.  Our Digestive system is the engine of our body and where we consume the fuel to run our entire body system.


Make time to watch and learn from our much lengthier interview recording where we share how Iridology has helped many who believe in it or given Iridology the benefit of the doubt.



We have helped our patients avoid unnecessary and life changing or life threatening surgery by using Iridology to determine which organs need specific nutrients to fast track natural healing. It is a fact that our entire body can rebuild itself in under 2 years and 98% in less that 1 year. Every cell in our body eventually dies and is replaced by new cells. Every day is a new opportunity to build a new body.


Have you ever had a cut in your skin or a blister where part of your skin peels? Your skin rebuilds itself within a month. Likewise, your liver rebuilds itself in 6 weeks, your brain rebuids itself in a year and your blood rebuilds itself in 4 months. By eating superfoods, you can make yourself healthier and rebuild your body.


Using Iridology, we can also detect illnesses such as Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes. There is a “sugar mark” in the iris and the thicker it is, the more severe the Diabetes will be. When these warning signs are spotted, we will recommend you have more detailed tests to confirm our findings.


Using Iridology, we can also spot cancer warning signs. These are normally unusual darker marks or spots or lacuna in the iris. We have managed to detect cancer at least 10 years before the symptoms arise. This head start advantage is crucial for taking massive action a lot sooner to prevent the disease from getting more serious or life threatening, giving the patient a much better chance to recover and survive for longer.


When Iridology photos are taken using a special Iridology camera, stress rings or contraction furrows may be seen in the iris. This shows the level of stress of various organs. Often stress may be caused by poor eating habits and lifestyle. However stress may also be caused by frustration in a relationship or with work. Stress can also be caused by bullying or being abused, which may often not be expressed or shared by the victim.


Iridology can also detect chemical drug deposits or other drug intake in the body. Drugs can be consumed orally, injected or may even be chemicals from hair sprays, air fresheners or creams rubbed on our skin. As these are not natural, the residue of these drugs are marked in the eyes. We have seen cases where these deposits are passed down from the parents to their children, affecting their eyes and also their health as an infant or young child.


Watch our short interview to learn more about Does Iridology Work?



We trust you have found our blog useful in confirming that Iridology does work. However, if you are still in doubt, do check it out by experiencing an Iridology session for yourself rather than just believing negative comments you may have read or heard about it not being scientifically proven or not working.



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