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Why You Should Have An Iridology Experience

Have you had an Iridology consultation or wondered why you should have an Iridology Experience? Do you know the difference in having an appointment with a medical professional and having an Iridology consultation? Well, one key difference for a start is most medical professionals always ask “What Is Wrong With You?” whereas in an Iridology consultation, it is the Iridologist that tells YOU what is wrong. Got that?



Iridology is a non invasive technique of analysing the markings and colours of the iris, which is the coloured part of the eye. These markings can identify weaknesses in the body organs before the symptoms arise. This is done by looking at various colours and markings in the Iris and referring to an Iridology Chart. The Iridology Chart was designed by observing over 1 million pairs of eyes over the years and how each part of the body such as the brain, digestive system, heart, lungs, liver and skin have corresponding regions and locations within the iris.  Iridology is therefore a very effective tool in addressing illnesses and diseases or potential for illnesses and diseases before they get worse. It is therefore well worth your time and money having an Iridology experience.



Similar to when we service our boilers or cars at least once a year or give our vehicle a health check or fill it with fuel prior to a journey, especially a much longer journey, likewise we should give ourselves a health check at least once a year so that we can take appropriate action to ensure our body is maintained as healthy as possible. Most of us take our health for granted until such time where we become seriously or uncomfortably ill before making lifestyle changes. When we can see for ourselves, what our eyes or iris is telling us, we are more likely to give our health priority.


By taking Iridology photos using a special Iridology camera, we know that live photos do not lie. We can then see clearly, the key organs that need taking care of to prevent any illness or potential for illness from becoming worse. For chronic or degenerative diseases, we highly recommend you return for follow up check ups where new photos will be taken every 1 to 3 months. These new photos are compared to the initial photos where progress or lack of progress can be monitored.




To learn more about “Why You Should Have An Iridology Experience” or what to expect during a detailed Iridology consultation, watch our TV recording below where our Principal Iridologist, Ronald Delary-Simpson was interviewed.



The Iridology Diagnosis is carried out either by direct observation of the eyes, with the aid of a magnifying glass and torch or by taking detailed Iridology photographs using a special Iridology Camera. In our practice, we use both magnifying glass and torch and also take detailed Iridology photographs. The use of magnifying glass and torch prior to taking eye photos helps to relax the patient and get the person used to having their eyes examined. This is particularly important especially when the patient is a younger person. We can then also focus more on the potential problem areas when taking the Iridology photographs. We also provide you with the digital photos to take back and refer to after your appointment.



When taking your Iridology photos, we use a chinrest that enables you to comfortably rest your chin so that your head is kept straight and the Iridologist will then explain how the Digital photos will be taken. If your head is not kept straight and instead resting at an angle, it will affect the Iridology analysis since it is based on the Iridology Chart where each section is similar to looking at various points on a clock.  If you have a lighter colour blue, green or lighter brown coloured iris, a different light exposure on the Iridology Camera will be used compared to if your iris colour is much darker. As the photos are digital, several attempts may be required to ensure the clearest photos are taken for accurate analysis.


Photos of both right and left eyes will be taken as the right eye shows the organs on the right half of our body and the left eye shows the organs on the left half of our body. For example, the right eye will reflect the larger right lobe of our liver and the left eye will reflect on the smaller left lobe of our liver. In general, the higher organs such as our brains and thyroid are at the top half of the iris and the lower organs such as our kidneys, genitals and feet are at the bottom half of the iris.


The eye photos will then be transferred onto our laptop or computer, where we can show the patient on a wider screen what the photos look like. Most patients are amazed when they see their eye photos for the first time. We then pin point the key areas of strengths and weaknesses, which could be around five main areas to focus on. We could spend hours analysing in greater detail, however to do this especially during the first appointment would leave the patient in overwhelm of information and action steps to take. We pinpoint the most important or critical areas to deal with and then recommend follow up consultations where new eye photos are taken. We therefore give guidance on a step by step basis so that results are more achievable and patients are more likely to stick to changes in lifestyle so that they achieve and maintain a higher level of Wellness over time.


We voice record the main parts of the consultation so we have a record to refer to afterwards. We will also email the recordings to you, normally within 48 hours so that you can also listen to it and share with your loved ones. Our recommendations will include changes in meal intakes, taking of top quality potency guaranteed supplements, exercises for both body and the mind, how to prepare certain meals, the quality of water to drink, skincare and a lot more. We will also pass you a generous bag of organic medicinal herbs from our garden, which you are unlikely to buy fresh and nutrient rich elsewhere.


We are often in shock (well, not any more) when patients inform us they have seen or spoken to other health care professionals who claim that food, drink and lifestyle does not have any impact on the patient’s health. This is totally incorrect and equivalent to saying, your vehicle will not be affected by the way you drive or take care of the vehicle. Sadly, because these “health care professionals” are seen and respected as “authority figures”, the naive patient without thinking or questioning further, accepts everything that is shared as gospel truth!



After your visit, we will follow up via texts and/or phone calls within 24 hours and especially during the first week to check on how you are progressing. It is important to bear in mind that the quality of our follow up will depend on the sharing of your progress and any hurdles you may encounter. We continue to receive 5 star reviews on social media. Do reach out to us for a friendly and informative chat and we look forward to hearing from you soon.



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