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Why Does Iridology Work?

Iridology is the study of the patterns and colours on the iris of the eye. This enables a person’s overall health condition to be determined. It is a non-invasive method of viewing the iris to determine existing or potential health issues. These potential health issues, when detected earlier can assist in faster recovery or prevention of the illness from getting worse. Most Doctors, over thirty years ago would have taken time to examine your eye using a torch light and magnifying glass. Most Eye Specialists and Opticians continue to examine this way or use a modern iridology camera as they are aware that Iridology works and it is reasonable to believe in it.



There are various articles that state that Iridology is not supported by quality research studies and is considered pseudoscience. Pseudoscience means a collection of beliefs or practices mistakenly regarded as being based on scientific method. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words and at the end of the day, results achieved are what really matters when one is trying to find solutions or answers to their health concerns. Naysayers and doubters can write and speak negatively all they want, however will never be able to challenge by proven results that Iridology is indeed accurate and it is reasonable to believe in Iridology and that Iridology does work.


There are many books on Iridology, some under a hundred pages long and others are a few hundred pages long. We often remind the doubters that one cannot write books of that many pages regarding a science that does not work. Iridologists use iridology charts to make observations on the patterns and markings in the iris. The charts have been created after observation of a variety of irises over the years. Each marking and zone in the iris represents a different aspect or organ of the human body. Iridologists can discover some markers of inflammation in certain specific areas. For example, the brain area is between 11 o’ clock and 1 o’clock in the iridology chart and the feet at 6 o’clock in the iridology chart.




Iridology works because, unlike going to see a Doctor or an Organ Specialist, most Iridologists will never as the question “What Is Wrong With You?”  Iridologists, using Iridology Techniques, will be able to pinpoint the weaknesses in your body, even before symptoms arise, so there is no requirement to ask the patient what their health concerns are. Most Doctors or Organ Specialists will never deal with the root cause of the problem. They are time pressured to get rid of the problem fast using chemical medication and painkillers, whereas most organ specialists will either do the same or recommend life threatening and changing surgery to remove the organ that is causing discomfort or a growth. Iridology can discover weaknesses in the body systems, including lack of nutrition and hydration. We trust you now have a better understanding why Iridology works.


Watch and learn from our short video re “Why Does Iridology Work?”



Watch our short video testimonial below where we helped a young recovery nurse to avoid expensive and life threatening brain surgery using Iridology and natural remedies to treat migraines that were affecting her life for over ten years. All other specialists either recommended pain killers or surgeries because they found a tumour in her brain! The so called tumour was actually toxicity caused by poor lifestyle and eating habits and once we guided her to change her lifestyle and eating habits, her migraines disappeared completely, without need for any surgery!




Why does Iridology work? Because you can indeed see problems such as fatigue, brain fog, anemia, memory loss and severe loss of Vitamin C in the eyes. We can also disover potential or start of Cancer, Diabetes, Stress and Stroke using Iridology. Weaknesses in various organs such as kidneys, lungs, liver and digestive system can be detected using Iridology. Iridology can even detect toxicity caused by constipation, even in those who may be very slim. The outer body may deceive, however Iridology will help to reveal the true health condition of each person. We have even treated some very athletic and people with very muscular bodies, who still have severer weaknesses, despite looking very attractive and healthy.



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