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What Does The Brown Spot In My Eye Mean?

The presence of a brown spot or brown spots in the eye is often referred to as a Psoric Spot in Iridology. This can be an indication of various health conditions and underlying imbalances within the body. As an Iridologist, understanding the significance of these spots is crucial as they offer valuable insights into an individual’s health and well-being. In this article, we will explore the potential meanings behind the presence of a brown spot in the eye, touching on possible health conditions it could indicate and the holistic approaches that can be employed for treatment and restoration of balance.


Introduction to Iridology

Iridology, sometimes referred to as iris diagnosis or iridodiagnosis, is an alternative medicine practice that evaluates a person’s overall health by looking at the patterns, colours, and other characteristics of their iris which is the coloured part of their eye. With Iridology, the iris can provide details on the digestive, circulatory, and lymphatic systems, among other body systems.


How Iridology Works

In Iridology, like a roadmap or blueprint, the iris can reveal indications of past, present, and future health issues. An Iridologist is a person who studies the colours, patterns, and markings of the iris using the Iridology Chart with the goal of identifying potential health problems and evaluating a person’s general state of wellbeing.


Meaning of Brown Spots

According to Iridology, a brown spot on the iris could be an indication of an imbalance or potential issue in the body. However, depending on the location and characteristics of the spot, the specific meaning can vary. A spot in the cardiovascular region, for instance, could point to a future heart or circulation issue, whereas a spot in the digestive region might point to a past or present digestive issue. 


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As the saying goes, “The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul”.  In actual fact, it also reflects the health or less than healthy state of your physical body as well.

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To further explain, the brown spot’s presence suggests the following possibilities:


Parasites and Other Intestinal Infections

A brown spot in the eye could be a sign of intestinal infections or parasites. The outer ring zone of the right eye is frequently associated with the presence of parasites in the large intestines, particularly pinworms. Additionally, brown spots around the eyes may be a sign of digestive problems such diarrhoea, constipation, or poor absorption of nutrients.


Pigmentation Disorders

A brown patch in the eye may be a sign of melasma or liver spots, two pigmentation disorders. Melasma is a skin disorder marked by dark patches on the face and other parts of the body, whereas liver spots are small, dark areas on the skin that develop from sun exposure or age. Both disorders frequently manifest as brown spots in the eye and may be linked to issues with the liver or gallbladder.


Digestive Issues

Brown patches surrounding the eyes are a sign of underlying digestive problems, like inadequate nutrition absorption, diarrhoea, or constipation. They may also indicate other health concerns, such as hormonal imbalances, intestinal issues, kidney congestion, and abnormal blood sugar levels. Brown spots in the middle of the outer ring zone of the left eye also indicate sensitivity to sugar and dairy products, which can cause fluctuations in blood sugar and hormone imbalances.


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Stress and Hormonal Imbalances

Hormonal imbalances and underlying stress are indicated by brown spots surrounding the eyes. Many health problems, such as those involving the digestive system, the skin, and the reproductive system, can result from these imbalances. In addition, stress and fatigue are indicated by the development of a brown spot in the adrenal region of the eye. Other symptoms, such as ring-like formations around the eyes, are frequently present as well and may point to a lack of restful sleep.


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Sensitivity to Sugar and Dairy

It is possible to link sugar sensitivity to the appearance of brown spots in the eyes. Excessive sugar intake can cause hormonal imbalances, inflammation, and other health problems. It’s important to be aware about the negative impacts of sugar on your general health and to be motivated to change your diet in order to consume less sugar.

Similarly, brown spots can also indicate a dairy sensitivity. Hormonal imbalances, skin disorders, and digestive problems are some of the symptoms of dairy sensitivity. If that is the case, you can try out dairy substitutes and cut back on dairy products. These actions can be good for your health.


Other Health Problems

Other possible health problems linked to brown spots in the eye include the following:


Environmental Factors

Brown patches in the eyes may be a sign of exposure to pollution or toxins in the environment. When an Iridologist interprets the meaning of these spots, they take into account the environment and lifestyle of the person.


Weak Immune System

The presence of brown spots in the eye may also be associated with an immune system that is weakened. This may indicate a susceptibility to infections and other disorders of the immune system.


Liver Function

The liver is essential for both detoxification and general health. Brown spots in the eye may be a sign of problems with the liver and the body’s detoxification system.


Heavy Metal Toxicity

One of the many signs of heavy metal toxicity, which is a major health risk, is brown spots in the eyes. This is something that needs to be investigated more thoroughly and discussed with the right medical expert.


Nutritional Deficiencies

If brown spots in the eye are not linked to any other underlying medical issues, they may be related to nutritional deficiencies.


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Holistic Approach to Treatment

A holistic approach is advised to treat brown spots in the eye brought on by intestinal illnesses and parasites, pigmentation disorders, digestive issues, stress and hormonal imbalances, sensitivity to sugar and dairy, and other health problems. This approach could involve stress management, detoxification, herbal supplements, and changes to one’s diet and lifestyle. Creating a customised treatment plan that addresses the root cause of the brown spot requires consulting with an experienced and qualified Iridologist and Nutritionist.


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In Iridology, a brown spot in the eye, also known as a Psoric Spot, frequently denotes underlying health issues. These spots could be symptoms of liver problems, nutritional deficiencies, stress, heavy metal toxicity, pigmentation disorders, digestive problems, or parasites. Brown spots can be interpreted by an Iridologist who takes into account their location, patterns, and a holistic approach to restoration and treatment. This entails evaluating your eating habits, lifestyle, and personal medical history. Since Iridology offers a distinct, all-encompassing approach, book a FREE 15-minute discovery call with us. Afterwards, we can set up a consultation for an in-depth examination and a customised treatment plan.


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