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How To Read Health Clues In Your Eyes

You may have come across the saying “Our eyes are the windows to our soul”.  When it comes to your overall health, your eyes are like an open book. Your eyes can indicate weaknesses in your health and also show the root causes of any symptoms of diseases and illnesses. An in depth Iridology consultation can uncover clues about the state of your whole body, even if you think you are very healthy or fit.


Your eyes act as an early warning system to let you know when something is wrong and you need medical attention. For example, warnings of Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes can be detected via an Iridology Consultation. Diabetes can cause blurred vision when symptoms begin to flare up.


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These days, many suffer from anxiety, depression and stress caused by various factors in life such as from bullying, time pressure and deadlines, wars, lack of nutrition and finances, just to name a few reasons. Some people may not be aware of the seriousness of anxiety, depression or stress until it significantly affects their health or even cause loss of life via drug overdose and suicide. By having an Iridology consultation, we can review the person’s lifestyle, history and also locate stress rings using our Iridology camera and magnifying glass and torch. Stress rings or contraction furrows are part or whole rings which are, visible via close inspection of the iris. You can see an example in this photo where the ring is visible almost all around the iris. This indicates stress in various organs such as the liver, gallbladder, kidneys and digestive system.

You will also note in the image above that there are spoke like marks from the pupil and going out to various sections of the iris. These spokes like bars or wire rods connecting the centre of a wheel to its outer edge indicates toxicity and may affect a person’s quality of sleep and concentration.


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Iridologists refer to Iridology Charts to read health clues in your eyes. These charts have been designed over many years by observing over one million pairs of irises. For example, the image on the right is an example of the Iridology Chart for the right iris which shows the health condition of various organs on the right half of your body. This includes the right brain which deals with imagination, right lung, right lobe of your liver, right kidney and so on. Likewise the Iridology Chart for the left iris will show the health condition of various organs on the left half of your body.



Most illnesses and diseases start because of poor gut health and poor digestion which can be detected from an Iridology Consultation. In most people, even in younger children and babies, poor gut health and digestion can be detected from the variation of colours in the iris. For example, there may be yellow or orange in a blue colour iris. The yellow  or orange colour in the iris dictates toxicity and possibly congestion in the colon caused by constipation.

In the image on the left, you will also note a much darker orange mark around 11 o’clock on the iris photo. This indicates toxicity or an unprocessed chemical medication or drug deposit in the brain area. When you visit a Wellness Iridology and Smart Nutrition clinic such as ours, we not only show you where these toxic areas are and which organs they are affecting. We also show you how these can be dealt with naturally. We then recommend you return after a few months for a follow up check up where we will take new photos of your eyes to monitor progress or non progress.


Normally, in adults over the age of 40, it is common to see a gray opaque ring on the outer edge of the iris as per image on the right. This indicates memory loss which are early signs of Alzheimer’s or Dementia and also stiffness in the body. This gray or white arc visible above and below the outer part of the cornea is called arcus senilis. Arcus Senilis is caused by deposits of fat (lipids) in the outer part of your cornea. Cholesterol and triglycerides are two types of fats in your blood.  This is also a sign that you may be at a higher risk for coronary heart disease or high cholesterol.

The above may of course also affect younger persons if they do not maintain a healthy lifestyle during their younger years.


These are some of the non exhaustive examples of how to read health clues in your eyes. We therefore highly recommend you book in for an in depth Iridology Consultation with a practice such as ours so that you can experience for yourself, the power and accuracy of Iridology.


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