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What Does Iridology Cost?

Most of us do not question when we buy presents and spend money throughout the year for special occasions such as birthdays, engagements, weddings and holidays. We even spend a lifetime of earnings raising children and giving them the best education, toys and the latest electronic gadgets. Sadly, when it comes to our own health, we tend to undervalue it until we are seriously ill.



Iridology is the practice of studying the patterns and colours of the iris, which is the coloured part of the eye. It helps determine the health condition of your body in a non invasive way.  Trained Iridologists use Iridology Charts to compare the photos taken to the markings in the chart that represent various parts of the human body. Iridology can detect a vast number of health concerns, even before the symptoms arise. These include Cancer. Diabetes, Skin Problems, Digestive Problems, Inflammation, Lymphatic Health, Thyroid Weaknesses and Liver Weaknesses, just to name a few. Detecting these weaknesses as far as years before the symptoms arise or get worse, gives you a great head start to dealing with it to prevent you from getting worse and in the examples of life changing or life threatening diseases, this head start is vital.



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Years ago, before modern iridology cameras were invented, Iridologists would use a magnifying glass and torch light to analyse the eyes and then draw their observations so that the person could picture what was being seen. This process is very time consuming and the accuracy of the drawings would depend on the Iridologist’s drawing skills. Our practice still uses a magnifying glass and torch, prior to taking digital Iridology photos to give us guidance on the problem areas to focus on prior to taking the photos.



Most Iridologists these days, use a modern Iridology camera with a chin rest, similar to those used by Opticians. Digital photos can be easily taken which saves a lot of time and as the saying goes, “A picture or photo paints a thousand words”. Every eye is unique, similar to a fingerprint so it is important to take clear digital photos so that problem areas or potential problem areas can be highlighted and addressed. Depending on the colour of the iris, different apertures are used to let adequate amount of light in so that the eye photos are clear.



When we ask “What Is The Cost Of Iridology?”, we should not only be concerned about the material monetary amount. We should also ask ourselves, “What is the Value Of Our Health?” to us and our loved ones. Would you like to suffer in the longer term or expect your loved ones to have to look after you for many weeks, months or even years because you never took appropriate action sooner?


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Most of us invest in material items such as the latest electrical gadgets and branded clothes, bags and shoes every year. We spend time and money servicing our boilers and cars and maintaining our homes by cleaning it regularly, including washing our clothes. What good are these material things which we spend so much time, energy and money on if we had poor health and could not enjoy life properly? Do you remember the last time you or someone else had a cold and how much inconvenience and suffering you went through with this minor illness? Magnify this and imagine getting a more serious illness or disease.


Would you not like to find out if there was a potential health concern or how to deal with an existing condition? It could be an allergy such as hay-fever. This affects so many worldwide during hay-fever season. It is irritating and affects the quality of our life.  Those of us who drive or travel, be it by walking, cycling, taking a taxi, bus, train, tube or aeroplane would expect to have proper shoes or the vehicle of transport to be in adequate condition before using it, correct? Why then do most of us not do the same or prioritise the same by having a regular non invasive check up at least once a year?



The cost of Iridology varies depending on certain conditions such as:


Location Of The Practice

Being in a prominent location such as Harley Street in London or in an expensive city centre would normally cost a lot more in comparison to the time spent, due to higher rental and running costs, which any commercially viable business would need to pass down to the customer. Often, these locations are also very “clinical” and services very much time based and focused. When you have a health concern, the service you require should be more results focused and this is what you would get when you have a consultation with Practitioners like us. Most if not all our customers have commented how quiet and relaxing our environment is.


Do You Need A Home Visit?

Not many Iridologists provide this personalised service due to extra time and costs that is needed for commuting and also packing the equipment and other items such as Iridology Charts. However, it may be worth considering especially if you are not mobile or unwilling to travel to the clinic. This will also be beneficial as you may feel more comfortable in your home environment and not have the hassle of travelling, especially using public transport if you do not have access to your own transportation. During times like the pandemic, many patients preferred to stay in the safety of their homes.



Services Provided

Do you just want an Iridology photo to be taken, need an analysis of the findings or want to know further, the recommendations and solutions to help resolve the findings? Some only provide the first or second. When you have a consultation with a practice like ours who also provides nutrition advice, we spend a lot more time answering your questions and providing you with the solutions. As previously mentioned, we are not so much time based but results based so included in our fee would be, say a month’s duration of unlimited remote support via phone or text.


Our fees may be slightly higher to cater for the extra time and knowledge, however it is well worth it. It is similar to having a problem with your car or boiler. You take it to the garage or get an expert engineer to look at it. Instead of just being told what is causing the problem, would you not want to get the problem fixed as well? Would you not want the added ability to contact us after your consultation to receive further guidance of clarifications? Our service is therefore a programme of at least one month, where you have your face to face consultation and also follow up and support to ensure you achieve the wellness results you require.


Proven Results

Our practice prides in achieving Wellness Results and supporting the customer as much as required, provided the customer is willing and determined to implement our recommendations as well. Our five star reviews on Google speak for itself. We are normally the last resort for customers who have searched and tried all other Professionals.


After Consultation Services

Most of the time, especially where health is concern, you are bound to have further questions or clarifications after the consultation. Ensure you select a Practitioner who does not charge you by the second or minute each time you need to contact them. Our Practice is more results driven versus time driven, so we will not charge you further for the occasional question or guidance you may need to help you get to your health goal. Many if not all of our customers will testify that our support hours and availability are flexible and we do our best to be available, especially in times of urgency, where urgent response is required.



Added Extras


Most of us like freebies or added extras. When you visit a clinic such as ours, because we have invested a lot of time and effort into Organic Gardening, depending on what is in season, we will also provide at no additional charge, fruits, vegetables and/or herbs from our organic garden that will be beneficial for your health and speedier recovery from any illness. Those who have tasted the produce from our organic garden will vouch that the taste and nutrients is second to none. Customers are welcome to return for more produce that will be sold at a nominal fee that will help our ongoing running costs for ensuring our produce remains the best quality.


Packages available


As mentioned above, our main goal is to help you achieve lasting Wellness results so our minimum package is for an in-depth 2 hour consultation followed by a month’s unlimited support by phone, text or video call. For more serious illnesses, we recommend a follow up visit at least once or twice a year and depending on your upfront commitment towards these packages, it will work out a lot more affordable than booking a random follow up visit in the near future. Going for a longer package will also enable you to have ongoing unlimited support until your next face to face visit where we will take new photos of your eyes to monitor your progress and adjust our recommendations as required.


The cost of Iridology will depend on which country you are based in, the time and value provided during an Iridology consultation, be it taking a photo only, taking several photos, manual analysis (yes, there are still some Iridologists who may not have invested in a modern Iridology camera and are still using the magnifying glass and torch method) and explaining the findings and recommendations (not all Iridologists are also knowledgeable in nutrition), The costs could be anywhere from double digits or more. It also depends on the currency used in the country.


What we recommend is, instead of basing your decision solely on costs, consider the points shared above regarding what is covered and remember the most expensive may not always be the best or what you need and likewise, remember you often get what you pay for, so the cheapest option may also turn out to be more expensive in the longer term.


We recommend that you at least have a discovery call with whichever place you shortlist so that you are clear re what is on offer and whether you are a match to work together.



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