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What Can Iridology Tell You About Your Health

Iridology is a fascinating practice that can reveal a lot about your health status. It is done by examining the patterns and colours in your irises. The iris is the coloured part of your eye. An Iridology consultation is a non-invasive, safe and reliable method that can identify health imbalances before they become serious illnesses.


During an Iridology examination, the Iridologist can identify areas of toxicity, weaknesses and inflammation. This examination involves an in-depth examination of the iris. It is then followed by a personalised analysis that outlines imbalances found and provides recommendations to address these imbalances.


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By taking photos using a special Iridology Camera, we can pinpoint diseases even before symptoms arise. These would include Anaemia, Cancer, Diabetes, Digestive Issues, High Blood Pressure, Stress Levels and Skin Problems. An Iridology consultation can still be beneficial even if you feel well. Many illnesses have no obvious symptoms in their early stages. By the time you do experience symptoms, the condition may be more advanced. By providing an insight into your current health status, an Iridology examination can help you take preventative measures to avoid developing more severe health issues.


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A person may be slim and physically attractive, yet toxic on the inside and constipated. Iridology can detect these problems in the eyes. In this case, the person’s digestive system will show other colours such as yellow and orange, even if the iris colour is blue, hazel or brown.


Lacunae which is like tear drop shaped markings in the iris signifies weaknesses in specific organs such as the lungs, liver, gallbladder, kidneys and heart. These weaknesses can again be addressed quickly so that any damage can be minimised.


Drug deposits from drugs taken,  chemical medication and vaccinations can also show up as darker spots in the iris. This signifies chemicals that are still in the body, even if it was ingested many many years ago. We can then recommend natural products and remedies to assist the body to eliminate effectively, these unnatural toxins. If not dealt with, it will eventually affect the performance of various organs such as the liver and then lead to liver and other diseases.


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An Iridology consultation can be a live saver as someone may not realise they are having symptoms of Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes. An Iridology check up that confirms they may be Diabetic can then prompt the person to have a more detailed medical check up to confirm the Iridology findings. Similarly with other life threatening diseases like Cancer or Heart Problems, these too can be detected via the warning signs spotted during an Iridology check up.


Iridology can also show if a person is keeping adequately hydrated. This means consuming sufficient liquids in terms of clean water, unsweetened fruit juice not from concentrate, herbal teas, soups and natural liquids from fruits and vegetables. The amount of liquids required by an adult daily will depend on the person’s size and also climate the person is in and lifestyle. For example, someone who lives in a hot and humid climate or does more strenuous exercises or work will require more daily liquid intake to someone living in a colder climate or leading a more sedentary lifestyle.


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