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Is Iridology Your Answer?

Iridology is a non invasive method of uncovering potential health conditions, even before the symptoms arise. This is done by examining the coloured area of the eye, known as the iris. Iridology has been practiced in various forms for many hundreds of years. It was initially practiced using a magnifying glass and torch, which some practitioners still use to date. Iridology not only shows you the state of your health. It could predict just how well you are going to age and this does not just refer to external aging, however more importantly the internal aging of your organs.


Despite Iridology still being relatively unknown around the world, it is gaining in knowledge awareness and popularity as this proven science has survived throughout the ages. Our eyes are certainly a tool to what is really going on in our body.


Iridologist believe the iris acts like a map of the human body, similar to foot or hand reflexology. Modern Iridology cameras have since been developed, enabling digital photos to be taken. This is useful as it enables both the Practitioner and the Patient to see the photos and understand better the Iridology Findings. Digital Iridology photos also saves the Practitioner time and effort trying to describe and explain what has been seen and enables a record to be kept so that these photos can be compared with future photos to monitor the progress or deterioration in the specific organ. Necessary steps can then be taken to amend recommendations as required.



Iridology charts such as the example shown on the right are used by Iridologists to make these observations. The Iridology charts have been created after observation of a variety of irises over the years. The Iridology Charts divides the iris into zones that represent certain parts of the body. Each marking and zone in the iris represents a different aspect or organ of the human body. Iridologists can discover some markers of inflammation in certain specific areas. For example, the brain area is between 11 o’ clock and 1 o’clock in the iridology chart and the feet at 6 o’clock in the iridology chart.


The main use of Iridology is  to detect main weaknesses in the body. With early detection, even before any symptoms arise, prompt treatment or lifestyle changes can be made to prevent or reverse the specific weakness in the body’s organs. Gut health is of utmost importance as this is like the engine of our body. If we keep consuming the wrong food, drink, supplements and medication, the gut will over time become toxic irrespective of how young or old the person is. We highly recommend you give Iridology a try if you are not familiar with it as it will give you a general understanding of your health, even if you think you are very fit and healthy.


Watch our short video below to learn How Iridology Is Performed.



Iridology is a non invasive tool and will be appreciated by those who are open to complementary medicine without having to go through other invasive forms of testing such as blood, breath, saliva, urine and stool sample tests.

Iridology can be used to detect and therefore treat a variety of illnesses and diseases. It is highly recommended that you explore this non invasive tool as part of your regular health check. For those who are afraid to discover what may be weaknesses in their health, we always reply, would you board a plane or travel in a vehicle that has not been checked properly before the journey?


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