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How To Use Iridology To Spot Underperforming Organs?

Our eyes expres joy, sadness and fear. It is often referred to as the window to the soul. Iridology is the study of the markings in your eye, in particular the iris. The iris is the coloured part of the eye. Iridology can detect various health concerns even before any symptoms arise. It is a non invasive health check tool that is gaining popularity and knowledge around the world. Iridology is an alternative medicine technique that uses the colours, patterns and various other markings of the iris to assess a person’s general health.


The organs in our body play key roles in ensuring our entire body functions properly. Similar to a vehicle where the tyres, gear box, steering wheel and main engine play different roles. Our organs can be underperforming from the time birth since we inherit the strenghths and weaknesses of our parents at the time of conception. Weaknesses may include the heart, lungs, liver and skin.


Very often, it could take several years before symptoms arise. We may therefore be unaware of these weaknesses. This is similar to when we take our vehicle for servicing. We may think the vehicle is fine. However during the detailed servicing, the garage may pick up areas of weaknesses which need further attention. Iridology is a non invasive health check where underperforming organs can be identified. Actions can then be taken to strenghthen these organs before they get worse.


Iridology can be used to detect impaired organ fuctions caused by poor nutrition, fatigue and enviromental toxins, Watch and learn from our short video on How To Use Iridology To Spot Underperforming Organs.



Common signs of underperforming organs include poor digestive system, difficulty in concentrating or lack of focus, lack of energy, irritability and mood swings, tiredness and sleep problems. These weaknesses may be caused by the lack of fibre intake, lack of vitamins and minerals from poor quality food intake and also negative emotions. When you visit an Iridology clinic such as ours that provides nutrition recommendations as well, we can guide you to natural solutions to strenghten these organs.


Our liver and digestive system are two of the main key organ that are often picked up as underperforming using Iridology. Once these are strenghtened, you will find that a whole list of illnesses can either be prevented or reversed naturally. Liver weaknesses are often seen as brown spots in the liver area of the Iridology chart.  Liver weaknesses can often manifest as depression or anxiety.


Digestive system weaknesses are show as discolouration around the pupil. Most people will have digestive issues at some point in their lives. This could be bloating, constipation or indigestion.


If you have not tried Iridology or are still skeptical about it, give yourself the benefit of the doubt and book in for an Iridology consultation with a clinic such as ours. You will then be able to experience first hand and see for yourself what your iris says about your health and also implement natural solutions that we recommend.


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