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What Can You Expect From Iridology?

Iridology is a holistic health practice that examines the irises of the eyes to detect any imbalances and health conditions in the body. Similar to reflexology, which holds that various regions of the feet are related to particular organs in the body, iridology is based on the science that the eyes are a reflection of the body's health. By analysing the iris's colour, texture, and patterns, Iridologists can pinpoint the body's systems and organs' strengths and weaknesses, providing a non-invasive means of understanding and improving health.   What can you expect from an iridology consultation?   Analysis of Iris Patterns Iridodiagnosis, or iridology, is a complementary medicine practice that examines the iris's colours, patterns, and other characteristics to provide insights about a person's health. Examining iris patterns and using an...