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How Can Adults Improve Their Eyesight?

Most of us are born with great eyesight. However as we age, the risk of our eyesight deteriorating, increases. There are many ways where we can prevent this or if we notice a deterioration, there is still time to implement positive improvements to our health to improve our eyesight. Most of us start developing eyesight issues between mid-40s and early 50s. This is usually long sightedness which affects reading and working on electronic devices. This is one of the most common vision challenges between the ages of 40 and 60.   Watch our short video on How Adults Can Improve Their Eyesight. https://youtu.be/YD28g9DVIZY   Below are some tips to follow to improve your eyesight.   Feeding Your Eyes   This means eating foods that contain specific nutrients for your eyes.  Carrots for example, are...

Tips For Healthy Eyesight

Our eyes and eyesight are one of our most valuable gifts and senses so it is important we look after it properly from young so that we maintain healthy eyesight as we grow older. When you look at your eyes, you have got to be very intelligent, and realise the eyes are part of your whole body. It's not separate. It is part of your body. So whatever goes into your body must end up feeding the eyes. If you don't feed the eyes, the eyes will suffer.     In the TV recording below, we discuss the following food items which you must consume regularly to maintain good eyesight. There are other foods not discussed here such as carrots and blueberries, which most readers are already aware...