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Is Iridology Safe?

Iridology is the practice of studying the iris of the eye, such as colours and patterns to determine information about a person’s health, either existing or in the future, even before the symptoms arise. The iris is one of the most intricate and captivating tissue structures within the human body. The iris, just like markings on a map, can reveal one’s current state of health, together with strengths and potential weakenesses of various organs and also personality traits.



Iridology has been practiced for thousand’s of years. Those who were born say before the 1980s would recall going to see a General Practitioner Doctor. The Doctor would shine a torch into the person’s eye and examine it. Similarly, the Doctor would ask the patient to open his or her mouth and examine it. Over time, these practices have diminished or stopped completely because of the time stress and tight budgets Doctors are expected to meet daily. Ophthalmologists and Optometrists also look into the eyes to detect different diseases of the eye such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration.



The technique of Iridology is based on the belief that each organ in the human body has a corresponding region in the iris. The Iridology Chart was designed after the study of over a million pairs of eyes on connecting the markings to various organs such as the heart, lungs, digestive system, liver, gallbladder and lymphatic system. It is a safe method of detecting early, which organs may need extra nurturing and support. Iridology can detect if you are moving towards illness and diagnose an issue long before clinical symptoms appear. For example, in degenerative disease such as cancer and diabetes, the warning signs from the iris are visible as much as 10 years in advance. Early detection can certainly give the patient a greater chance in preventing or reversing the disease before it becomes a lot more serious.



Before modern Iridology cameras were invented, a penlight and magnifying glass would be used. The downside to this was the patient would not be able see what his or her eye looks like magnified. With the invention of Iridology cameras, digital photos could be taken within seconds and then transferred onto a laptop or computer, enabling the Iridologist to explain his visual findings to the person. If a particular part of the iris needed to be reviewed in greater detail, further photos could be taken very easily. When returning for a follow up consultation, the new photos could be compared to the previous photos to help monitor the patient’s progress or deterioration over time.




The taking of close up eye photos is totally safe and non invasive. For example, other health checkups would include blood tests where needles are inserted to withdraw blood samples. The patient would normally have to wait a few days or weeks for the results of the blood test.



With Iridology, the findings are done within minutes of the eye photos being taken.



As Iridology is able to detect a person’s emotions, it could potentially save lives as often some very negative and dangerous emotions such as anger, frustration and even suicidal thoughts can be masked by the person. However, the markings in the eye reveals these inner feelings and detecting these early would lead to recommendations as to how to best reverse these. For example, a child could be bullied at school or at home without the parents knowledge. Warning signs from Iridology consultations would detect these.



Iridologists who are also Nutritionists will also provide recommendations using natural solutions such as changes in lifestyle and eating habits to help prevent or reverse the weaknesses or illnesses discovered. Often, when a person has a bad habit such as drinking, smoking or taking drugs, the dangers of long term abuse to the body may not be taken seriously by the person because the person may be younger and feeling invincible. However, experience has proven that when the person sees his or her eye photos and the conditions that are clearly visible, it has a greater effect on them prioritising their longer term health over shorter term pleasures that are harming their body.



In conclusion, we do recommend Iridology as an alternative health check up at least once a year if you are healthy and at least twice a year if you have chronic or degenerative diseases such as arthritis, asthma and psoriasis. Even acute and sub-acute illnesses such as hayfever, headaches, colds and flu can be prevented all year round once you have a check up with an Iridologist and Nutritionist who can show you how you can strengthen your immune system and have a much better quality of life.




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