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How To Get Rid Of Acne Using Iridology

Do you or someone you know have acne?  Acne is a common skin condition that affects most people at some point in their lives. It causes spots, oily skin and sometimes skin that is hot or painful to touch. The main symptoms of acne are spots on your face, back and chest.  Most people are advised to treat acne with creams and gels from the pharmacy. For more severe cases, you may be prescribed stronger chemical medication or antibiotics. Acne is often linked to hormonal changes during puberty, however can start at any age.


Iridology is a non invasive method of uncovering potential health conditions, even before the symptoms arise. This is done by examining the coloured area of the eye, known as the iris. Iridology has been practiced in various forms for many hundreds of years. It was initially practiced using a magnifying glass and torch, which some practitioners still use to date. Modern Iridology cameras have since been developed, enabling digital photos to be taken. This is useful as it enables both the Practitioner and the Patient to see the photos and understand better the Iridology Findings.


Iridology is the study of the patterns and colours of the iris to identify the root causes of diseases and illnesses, most of which are caused by poor gut health. When you have an unhealthy lifestyle, resulting in an unhealthy body, the toxins inside your body are often released via your skin as this is your largest organ. Iridology is able to identify which specific organs in your body have weaknesses or need strengthening, which will then result in natural glowing skin.

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Skin Problems include pimples, acne, rashes, eczema and psoriasis. These are any areas of skin on your body that is irritated, inflamed or swollen. They are often painful, itchy or unsightly and appears differently depending on your skin tone. Whilst most skin problems are not contagious, most will treat you as though it is, either due to lack of or incorrect knowledge or just the sight of the skin problem will deter others from being in close contact with you. As a result, you find that you often cover up the problem areas, either with clothing or cosmetics and contrary to popular belief, this actually makes the skin problem worse.


Skin Problems, if left untreated could go on for months or even years, causing a lot of embarrassment and even depression because the person does not want to be seen in public or be with anyone. The most common way or recommendations by skin specialists or medical doctors to get rid of skin problems is the use of chemical creams and antibiotics. Either options are merely quick fix solutions, however often temporary since they do not address the root cause of the rashes.


Watch and learn from our short video re How To Get Rid Of Acne Using Iridology.



Other solutions include keeping the problem area cool, using ice packs or gels, such as aloe vera or oils such as coconut oil or olive oil. Whist these are natural and better solutions, compared to chemical creams and medication, again, they will not address the root cause of the problem that has resulted in the pimples, acne, rashes, eczema and psoriasis.


Iridologists use Iridology Charts to make these observations as to the root causes of acne and other health concerns. The charts have been created after observation of a variety of irises over the years. The Iridology Charts divides the iris into zones that represent certain parts of the body. Each marking and zone in the iris represents a different aspect or organ of the human body. Iridologists can discover some markers of inflammation in certain specific areas. Often, when the Digestive Tract is clogged up and the patient is constipated, this will eventually result in skin problems. Constipation occurs when we are not expelling waste as often as we are consuming food. This affects people of all sizes, including those who are very slim.



Skin problems affect all of us at different ages and stages in our lives. Our skin is our largest organ and any time we encounter skin problems, this is our body’s way of expelling any toxins or unnatural substances in our body, such as from unnatural preservatives and colouring found in our food and drinks and chemical medication from painkillers and skincare cream. Sadly, when we see a so called “Skin Specialist” for a skin problem, most would not even ask what the person has been eating or putting on their skin. Either surgery or chemical skin creams are recommended to “get rid” of the skin problem fast, however this solution is only temporary as one has not addressed and dealt with the root cause of the skin problem.


When you have an Iridology examination, we will pinpoint the root cause of your skin problems which could be weaknesses in your kidney, liver or digestive system. Skin problems could also be caused by negative emotions. We can also pinpoint chemical drug deposits from vaccinations and steroids which are still in your body and therefore affecting various organs. Your skin needs to be hydrated as well so for example if you are not drinking sufficient good quality water, fruit juice or herbal teas daily, you will have dry skin and other skin problems. All adults require at least 2 litres of liquids intake daily and more in humid conditions or when one is sweating a lot more from strenuous work and exercise. A lack of sleep also prevents our bodies from repairing itself naturally whilst we are asleep.


Digestive Issues

Problems with the digestive system, in particular, the stomach and intestines can present themselves via discolorations around the pupil. Different darker tones in the iris, especially just outside the pupil indicates a toxic digestive system. This could be caused by constipation and constant intake of junk and processed foods. Depending on the location of the darker tones, this could indicate blockages in the ascending, transverse and/or descending colon. When our digestive system is blocked up, this results in toxins built up, which our body then tries to expel via our skin, since it has hurdles expelling it in the form of stools when the person is constipated. Just like a clogged pipe, our skin will also eventually expel odours when our body is overacidic from the consumption especially of too much meat or processed foods. Once the root cause of your skin problems are addressed, your skin will automatically heal with the help of great nutrition from food and water intake and also top quality supplements.


Weaknesses in various organs


This could include the lungs, liver, gallbladder, thyroid, heart, genitals, kidneys, arms and feet. Often, these weaknesses may not only be caused by lifestyle. For example, most brown and darker coloured irises would have tendencies for liver weaknesses. Liver weaknesses can also be detected by examining the whites of the eye, known as the sclera, for signs of jaundice. Liver weaknesses may not necessarily be caused by alcohol consumption. Negative emotions such as stress, anger, jealousy and frustration will also affect the liver. Likewise, sadness could affect the lungs.  A mark in the kidney area could indicate insufficient hydration or other kidney problems. Very often, negative emotions and/or weaknesses in various organs will also show up in the skin. When the body is not adequately hydrated throughout the day, the body struggles to expel toxins, especially when we do not want to drink too much to avoid having to go to the toilet frequently to urinate. The body then naturally expels toxins via our skin, which results in skin problems such as acne.


A very glowing and healthy skin is a sign that one is in great health. When this is achieved, there is no need to spend time and money using make up to cover any skin problems or blemishes as there will be minimal or none. In conclusion, Iridology can detect skin problems or potential skin problems. It is therefore important to have an Iridology Wellness check up at least once a year, similar to when we service our cars, boilers or even go for a dental check up annually.


Have you ever considered how refreshing it will be to wake up every day and allow your loved ones to see you in your natural skin rather than having to stress to put on make up or skin concealers or hide under warm clothing and hats, especially in warm weather, all because you are not comfortable to allow your skin to breathe and be seen naturally? The tips and lifestyle changes you will learn from a Wellness Clinic such as ours, when instilled especially from a younger age will help you remain healthier for longer into your adulthood.


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