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History Of Iridology

Iridology has been around for centuries. It is the study of the patterns and colours on the iris of the eye. Iridology enables a person's overall health condition to be determined. It is a non-invasive method of viewing the iris to determine existing or potential health issues.   Iridology can show History of Illnesses and ongoing weaknesses in the body. It some cases, it can also show scarring from surgery on specific organs. It can detect potential diseases over ten years before symptoms arise and is therefore a very powerful tool for a non invasive health check.   Iridology research continues around the world, including Australia, the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Russia, South Korea, China and Europe. When you visit a Clinic such as ours, we combine Iridology findings...

Where Did Iridology Originate?

Iridology has been around for centuries. In Egypt, India and China, there was much attention devoted to the study of the iris and its relation to various organs of the body. In the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, Medical Practitioners recorded the works on iris markings and their meanings. The condition of the eyes were carefully noted by Doctors who related markings to blood disorders and liver weaknesses. Iridology was originally documented in 1670 by Philippus Meyens, a German Physician. He categorised the iris in accordance to body organs.     However, modern Iridology was founded in 1867 by Dr Ignatz Von Peczley, a 19th century Hungarian physician. He studied the iris of patients before and after surgery and systematically recorded his findings. During his childhood, Dr Peczely...