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Health Benefits of Cauliflower

You may have come across this vegetable, however you probably don't understand the full benefits of this particular vegetable. We are referring to the vegetable called cauliflower. Now, just so you know, you can get different varieties of cauliflower from several countries. There's white cauliflower and there's Romanesco cauliflower. The white cauliflower is white of course. The Romanesco is the one  that looks like the cauliflower has got little lumps on it. It is lime green in colour. There's also Orange cauliflower and Purple cauliflower. Quite remarkable. Now the orange cauliflower and the purple cauliflower, you can normally find in the USA, Australia and France. In the UK, it seems to be always the lime green Romanesco or the white cauliflower.     Why is cauliflower so versatile?...