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What is Iridology?

You may have heard of the term IRIDOLOGY and you are probably wondering what it is. Watch our videos and read further to learn all about it.   https://youtu.be/5vtn1KDJJ0U   Well, it is one of the most fascinating sciences we have ever come across. It is the science of analysing the iris of the eye and that's the coloured part of the eye, which is the coloured part that is the round circular, right around the pupil. It also analyses the sclera, which is the whites of the eyes.     We use an Iridology chart to analyse the right or the left eye. We would strongly advise you to contact us to learn a lot more about how we can help you with your illnesses.     https://youtu.be/MypqGLVFrJM   So, we wonder if you know whether...