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Importance of an Organic Garden

An Organic Garden is a way of gardening which avoids the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. This is important because at the end of the day, we will be consuming the produce from our garden and the last thing we would want is to ingest harmful pesticides that will eventually affect our health. It is important that we pass down this knowledge to the younger and future generations. In this modern and fast paced world, we are accustomed to think that everything that looks perfect in terms of food has been naturally grown and produced. This is in fact very far from the truth.



Most of us may be willing to pay more for organic food. However, this does not guarantee that the food is nutritious. Organic food in shops, supermarkets and markets may still have been packaged a few weeks or months earlier and by the time we consume it, it may have oxidised and have less nutrients. Furthermore, if the soil where the food has grown been depleted of nutrients, even when grown organically, it will not contain the nutrients our body requires. This is why it is important to have your own organic garden, even if you live in a confined space and if you can only start with a few small pots on your window sill or balcony. This way, you are more in control of the quality of soil used and more importantly, the organic fruit, vegetable or herb is eaten as fresh as possible.



Many modern households these days, due to the lack of time or interest, have gone for artificial lawns and concrete to minimise the time and effort required to maintain an organic garden. Sadly, due to lack of correct knowledge, most people have even been convinced that the dandelion is a weed and needs to be sprayed and killed. The dandelion is in fact one of the top medicinal herbs. Read more about the Health Benefits of Organic Dandelion in our blog below:



Health Benefits of Organic Dandelion


When you grow your own food properly organically and you taste these, you will be amazed at the difference in the taste to store bought food. This is because the produce has been given more time to develop. As crops mature, their taste and nutrient profil improves as well.  An example of a fruit you can grow within a small pot or plot of land is tomatoes. By eating good quality organic food daily or regularly, you stand a far better chance of staying healthy for many years. This is important to enable us to enjoy life to the fullest with no or minimal dependence on someone else having to look after us. The food we consume affects our Digestive System. It is therefore important to consume top quality organic food. Just like we would not put incorrect or poor quality fuel in our vehicles or  use dirty water when we wash up, we likewise will only remain healthy if we are careful about what we consume and its quality.



Organic gardening helps prevent soil contamination, soil poisoning, death of useful insects and other beneficial soil organisms. It helps prevent a loss of topsoil and eliminates the use of pesticides, herbicides and fungisides which leaves residues on food. Organic gardening is a method of gardening using the materials derived from plants, animals and minerals, without the assistance of fossil fuels. It is the natural way of using nature’s produce to feed and protect your garden. Using all natural products helps reduce the amount of chemicals released into our atmosphere.  Organ gardening helps keep our water supplies clean by stopping pollution runoff. By feeding animals with organic produce, these results in organic meats from these animals which enables us to keep healthy even if we consume meat.



Watch and learn from our recent video, recorded from our very own organic garden.



Maintaining an organic garden can be time consuming and also costly as you need to invest in proper soil. It however forces you to get some fresh air, exercise and also sunlight. This is important for our overall health. It is always better to be outdoors with Nature than being indoors with no fresh air and artificial light.



You can also plant various herbs that are easy to maintain such as chives, thyme and mint. All these herbs can be cut fresh and added to your cooking and meals to give it more flavour and nutrients. Planting your own organic bay leaf tree and olive tree is one of the best investments as these trees are evergreen, hardy and will survive even the winter season. Bay leaves can be used in cooking and olive leaves can be used to make tea.





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